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  1. Here I will publish dates of important events, such as craft Erenor staff or opening of 100 boxes from marketplace.
    Daily stream. Waiting for you and your friends. I also promote our server so that we have more players!
  2. Flipsy

    Flipsy Active Member

    You rage when you lose one fight and constantly curse at people in your raid for not reading your mind. Stop advertising your Twitch channel here and in-game, you don't do anything constructive for the faction and have been called out on your toxic behavior numerous times.

    Not to mention this isn't really a Game Debate. This just looks like you trying to get the most visibility for your stream in probably the most frequented sub-forum.
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  3. I don't care about your opinion, sorry
    Apparently you are from a new faction or from Winter, which pleads for heroes to make an alliance with a new faction.
    My behavior also does not concern you.
  4. Flipsy

    Flipsy Active Member

    I am from neither, I am from the raid where you yelled at all the healers for not using Protective Wings when you told everyone to "kill reds". Then you rage-disbanded the raid and proceeded to complain in faction about how the healers didn't listen to your call.

    Your behavior is childish and does concern me, because you are a toxic member of my faction and you are spamming your twitch link everywhere you can like a desperate 12 year old trying to be a cool kid streamer 3 years too late.
  5. EatMyDust

    EatMyDust New Member

    I agree with Flipsy. It's cool that you stream ArcheRage and I'm happy that you're trying to promote the server, but the circumstances of both this post and in-game observations make me think that it's more like you're advertising your own Twitch for your benefit more than to contribute to ArcheRage.

    Obviously streamers have money as an incentive to create content, and there is nothing wrong with that, but keep in mind that your (potential) viewers will judge you based on your behavior. I get mad when picked on as well, but I don't think I'd have ANY viewers if I spammed, acted childish, etc.

    In my opinion this thread would have been better put in the "Off Topic" thread because I don't see how this has anything to do with debates in-game.

    I wish you good luck with streaming.
  6. I combine benefits with advertising, nothing prohibits me from doing this. Already about two dozen people asked me what server was, I wrote them a personal message that it was a private server and left a link.
    And do not blame me for my statements in the chat, you are not saints, you also swear every day. I'm a quick-tempered man. For this I say again, my behavior does not concern you.
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    Wrong forum section was chosen for this thread. As it's not related to Game Debates, it was moved to Off Topic.
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  8. kimathi

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    on a completley unrelated note could i really get banned for dissing the admins?

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