Is Dual Clienting or Multiboxing Allowed?

Discussion in 'Game Debates' started by Nolrac, May 27, 2019.

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  1. Nolrac

    Nolrac New Member

    Hi, can I make two accounts and open two ArcheRage windows each with their own unique accounts? I run into some quests or areas where there are elite monsters that cannot be tackled alone. It's hard to find a group sometimes especially in low level areas.

    Is dual clienting or multiboxing allowed? Can I open two ArcheRage windows, login two accounts or two characters, one for each window, and just Alt+Tab to switch controls?

  2. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    Using more than 1 account is forbidden by our server rules.
    You can find a complete rules list HERE.
  3. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    oh you sure you have trouble with elite monsters? I found I leveled so fast I could easily take on everything below level 50 o.o

    Maybe try join a guild, there's friendly people who don't mind coming over to help a guildie out^.^
  4. Nolrac

    Nolrac New Member

    Lol! Sorry for not reading the rules. Reading it now.

    @Aviendha Sorry I'm a noob to this game so I might have stumbled upon something beyond my current level. I'm slowly exploring every part of the game world.
  5. Myrical

    Myrical New Member

    There is a huge and wonderful world to explore. Take your time, smell the roses (then pick them), there is no rush!

    You do not need more than one account on this server. Only the weak think they need more than one ;)
  6. Not

    Not New Member

    I have two things to say about your stupid way of lying to yourself alowing your ego to blind you to the truth wich is that you are trying to cheat to get an advantage because you have never understood the prinsiples of how to have fun. I recomend you to see CHARIOTS OF FIRE MOVIE(how to have fun and get RESPECTED for your achievements instead of insulted is called SPORT and is a 3000 years old well standing principle for a REASON... you will never otherwise have the satisfaction you REALLY chace). That and...

    The moment this is allwed I will make sure This server is closed and trust me this is not the first one I close, have a nice day.
  7. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    @Not If you read the above posts you should notice that player wasn't trying to cheat but asked a question regarding the rule he was interested in. It was a correct step from the player's side to ask if he had a doubt regarding something or missed the information.

    This is a second warning for you within the last 24 hours and the last one. Please stay respectful towards other players as well as avoid the attempts to threaten the community or server staff.

    Thread is closed as its main question was replied earlier.
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