Discussion in 'Guilds and Alliances' started by emaxiest, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. emaxiest

    emaxiest New Member

    is there any spanish guild out there?
  2. Exodus

    Exodus Member

    Si, PRIME es espanol.... i think..
  3. Exodus

    Exodus Member

    And Nightwalker
  4. emaxiest

    emaxiest New Member

    gracias :)
  5. tuncke

    tuncke New Member

    serias bienvenido en nightwalker, saludos wispea a darking cualkier cosa. Saludos
    faccion harany
  6. nzoth

    nzoth New Member

    is there any spanish guild, or any guild with spanish speakers members in nuian faction?
    Hablo ingles, pero seria bueno que encontrara latinos o españoles.
    I remember i was part of a latin guild way back before the first merge in archeage official server.

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