Massive Land Sale in Windscour! All Connected Land; Gazebos! Farmhouses! 16x16s! It all must go!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nueshak, May 30, 2019.

  1. Nueshak

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    As the Title States: Massive Land Sale in Windscour! Everything you need to start up a farming/trading empire.

    All properties are adjacent to each other! All land is certed and will be all sold as a bulk deal. (Photo Below) Here are the list of properties:

    16x16 Cotteges/Farms (5)
    24 x 24 Gazebos (2)
    24x24 Husbandry Thatched Farm House (1)

    Lay out below (Note the gazebo in the upper right corner is also included in the above sale)

    Total Price for all land is 20k gold; sold at a full bundle (no single plots). Please send me a DM here or ingame message to Nueshak or Eaglez to take a tour

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  2. Nightcore

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    Can I grow crops in a husbandry farmhouse? Just a question xD
  3. Nueshak

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    Yep! There are two seedbeds that can be used for all crops of blue grade and under. I would say each seed bed gives the equivalent of 10 bundles and the best part its they act as "perfect" environments for anything you wish to grow regardless of the actual climate! Ginseng usually takes over a day to farm even on AR server but it is done in 8ish with the seedbed.

    You also have as much space around the farmhouse as you do with any thatched so you can plant whatever fits there as well. The husbandry's main feature is the fact it has a built in animal pen that is the equivalent of 2-5 pens of the specific animal you are raising. For many the farmhouse alone will give you just about everything you need regarding getting up and running for getting a nice farming system going. With the gazebos and other 16x16s attached you will have enough to really get a nice little trade empire going.
  4. Nueshak

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    Reason I am even trying to sell the plots is because I got lucky with some beautiful beachfront properties in Mahedevi and I just can't keep up with all the land myself.
  5. Nightcore

    Nightcore Member

    I want to buy it. But right now I only have 10k :/ If you want to add me at Discord, when I have all the 20k I will buy it, but I don't know when I will have it xD
  6. Nueshak

    Nueshak New Member

    My Discord ID is

    You can reach me there.
  7. Nueshak

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