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Discussion in 'Game Debates' started by ilovepoker, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. ilovepoker

    ilovepoker New Member

    1) Would it be possible to add a zone buff to mirage so that different factions can speak to each other?
    2) Would it be possible to allow inter-faction trading while in mirage?

    This would turn mirage into a trading hub for the community, instead of just a place to get designs/AFK/and the occasional event.

    The idea is that all factions can use local and shout chat for trading between factions while in mirage, and would help with inter-player trading instead of just the AH. Alot of time when an enemy faction wants to sell something to the other factions they just run around in that hostile zone spamming the item they want to sell.

    As for how some of this might be done, perhaps make it so when players go into mirage they are temporarily placed into a new "Nation" while inside of mirage, this would solve the language, and the trading thing. I believe the arenas already do this (not certain).
  2. trapwhre02

    trapwhre02 Active Member

    As a west player, i would love to be able to trade with haranis or shout in their trade chat.
    I can shout for items all day long in west chat and get 3 whispers, I send my gold to my east char and get 5 whispers within half an hour of shouting. West just seems so not interested in trading or looking into the trade chat.
    I also legitemately don't see a reason why we aren't able to trade with other factions / nations.
    It just leads to people trading via mail and getting scammed.
  3. arcastra19294

    arcastra19294 New Member

    I like this idea since this server is single-channel. Every time I want to sell or buy something like gears and weapon it will take me few days or I must accept a bad price if I want to sell/buy. AH is not a really good option when u must sell something which always on low demand but expensive.
  4. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Why not to use local chat in Mirage and language book so everybody would understand you there?

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