1. Semerian

    Darkrunner PvP 3.0

  2. Cetra

    DarkRunners vs Primevil's using Leech Hate

    So like plenty of others, played this since Alpha. This is the first server I've gotten several reactions from DR players that when I leech them as a prim after they close the Gap such as "lol leech" , "leech on prim why?". I'm genuinely curious as to whether or not there's just an above...
  3. Doritosinfernal

    Archerage PVP #2 - Darkrunner - Doritosifernal

    PvP from my 3.8k gs to 4.9k gs ps: no p2w ok its just cheezy DR
  4. chantress

    Darkrunner theory crafting

    Another build / rotation for 2.9 found on the net. - DARKRUNNER PVP build I dont PvP, so if you know better, or things have changed, please contribute. Darkrunner is a class that bases itself on high burst damage and insane mobility. It's an easy class to get into, but the skill ceiling is...
  5. wes1618

    2.9 Darkrunner BIS weapon

    Hello. what weapons do you recommend for a darkrunner in this version? (2.9) 1. Sword/katana. 2. 2h sword. 3. Nodachi. Thanks in advance