1. Ryuki

    WTS Divine 4 Pieve Delphi Gale Set + Epic

    Everything here for sale message me offer for pieces or sets East IGN: Ryukii
  2. Parkwaydrive

    WTB delphinad flame cap/guards/breeches East

    Looking to purchase Delph Flame Guards/Cap/Breeches any grade, preferably Celestial+, East. Respond here or PM: Parkwaydrive
  3. L

    WTB Delphinad Earth Plate pieces

    Willing to buy Delphinad Earth Plate pieces. Already own the pants and Vambraces. Looking mainly for belt / helmet / gloves boots aren't my main priority but that is what I am looking for. Paying well just toss me a message and we'll work out the details on it.
  4. Require

    WTS Delphinad Wave Bow [SOLD]

    Want to sell (Grand) Delphinad Wave Bow asking 6k. Mail for inquiries IGN: Require
  5. xGraum

    WTS Delphinad Ocean Shirt

    Want to sell it sooner than later, so im looking for 6.5k or best offer. Also selling an Epherium Stone Sash for 450g if anyone is interested (Grand)
  6. U

    WTS Delphinad Flame Boots (leather/grand) | WTB Epherium Flame Boots + Epherium Lightning Necklace

    See title