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[Forum Event] Thanksgiving Tale


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It’s almost Thanksgiving! Isn’t it a perfect time for ArcheRage thanksgiving tales?!
Share your Thanksgiving stories – something that happened to you in ArcheRage world a while back that you are grateful for and players connected with it you want to thank for it.
Story will need to be a mix of text and screenshots.
  • Your IGN.​
  • Story title.​
  • Your story should be a mix of text and 3-6 screenshots. It’s not necessary for your story to be long, make it interesting!​
  • Hide your story under the spoiler. You can leave 1 screenshot outside of the spoiler. Graphic editing or additional text on that screenshot is allowed.​
1st place3000 credits + Golden Astra Wings (wrapped)​
2nd place2000 credits + Blackjack Yata Pirate Costume
3rd place1500 credits + Chow Chow
4th place - 1000 credits​
5th place - 1000 credits​
All event participants who don’t get winning places will receive small rewards.​
Last day of the event - November, 30th


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IGN: Xuilui
Story Title: Something Is Not Right


The clouds above Hasla began to swirl around. Lightning was flashing inside of the small formation of clouds. “What’s this?” she wondered. She frantically tried to summon herself back to her hearth to get out of the area quickly, but something wasn’t right. “Perhaps it hasn’t been long enough.” she thought. She figured not enough time had passed to recharge her magical tome from the last time she traveled with it. She ran inside a small copse of trees, out of the moonlight, as to not be seen. She needed to come up with ideas on how to escape, surely she could think of something. She patted her coat pockets, her pant pockets, but couldn’t find her magical stone to summon her saddled Snowlion, that would definitely get her out of here and fast. She began to wonder, “Hmm... if I can find that stone, I might be able to ride up one of these hills to a higher elevation, then glide away and get some distance between me and this odd storm.” It was at the end of her thought that something even stranger happened. Beneath the small cloud formation and lightning, a soldier’s body began to materialize. This wasn’t a normal soldier teleporting she thought, this was some type of mutant soldier she’d never seen before. And then, another, then another. It appeared as if they were multiplying by the second, then it stopped. She quickly counted, “There’s almost 50 of them!” she exclaimed in a loud whisper. She crouched low behind some bushes and a tree and scanned the horizon, both in front of and behind her. She could not see who was casting this spell, she figured she’d continue to hide and wait a little bit and see what happened. It had only been about 15 minutes, but it felt like hours to her. All this time and the mutants were just standing there, all of them facing the same direction as if they were lined up like an army awaiting orders.


“I wonder where they came from, surely they-“ but her thought was interrupted by a shimmer in the distance. Just south of the community center she saw what appeared to be a wolf with a silver collar running towards her. She continued to hide behind the tree, keeping a watchful eye on both this wolf quickly approaching her direction and the army of mutants that had literally appeared out of thin air. The wolf got closer, it was only a few seconds from passing her, and then she saw him. He was shuffling quickly in a crouched stance. How had she not seen him before? A man carrying a large sword and wearing a full set of amazing leather armor. It was then that she saw a summoning portal open in the distance. She was so fixated on that portal and this strange man shuffling by her, that she had almost forgotten all about the mutant army. Out of that portal came three adventurers, one after another, and then the portal vanished. Quickly they all began to crouch and shuffle toward the man that had passed her just moments before. “What a strange way to move” she thought to herself. The moment the three adventurers caught up to the man she had seen before, his wolf locked eyes with her, and she knew it was going to alert it’s master. The wolf quietly howled and lowered itself and pointed its front paws towards the trees she was hiding in. She didn’t want to be attacked if the group felt threatened so she hesitantly said “Wait... wait, wait, I’m friendly, I’m friendly, I promise.” almost as if she was trying to convince the wolf more than the group of people by it’s side. All four of them looked at her as she slowly rose from behind the tree and into their view. “Hello!” shouted the only woman that was in the group. She immediately put her hand over her mouth, surprised by how loud he had just greeted this stranger. She tried to greet the stranger again, only more quietly this time. “Hello there, we are The Crimson Four, and I am the leader of this here troop, Sena. Shat is your name stranger?” As she stepped out of the trees she couldn't believe it was The Crimson Four, it couldn't have been!


“I... I’m Xuilui, I’m sorry for sneaking up on you, I was hiding in these trees from the strange storm forming behind you.” Sena took off her gloves and walked toward Xuilui. She greeted her with a handshake and asked her what she was doing out here. Xuilui quickly explained she was only searching for wild fungus, for a recipe she was working on, and with the full moon being so bright, it seemed like a perfect night to go foraging. Sena then explained why they had come to Hasla. The Crimson Four had been fighting the mutant armies all across the continent. Sena explained that they were going to have to kill the mutants or more would show up. Xuilui understood, she then asked Sena if she could do anything to help, she offered them some soup that she had been carrying. But, there was no time, there were more mutants that started appearing. Sena said that she wanted Xuilui to fight by her side if she wished, she did look like a strong fighter after all, and there was strength in numbers. Xuilui reluctantly agreed to fight, excited deep down, but truly wondering if she’d look like a fool in front of such strong fighters. Sena quickly went over the plan for the other three Crimson fighters to flank the mutant group, while she initiated the fight head on with Xuilui. The plan was simple, fool proof even, so Xuilui was feeling much better about the idea of helping. As the flanking group moved around the mutants, a loud explosion went off in the distance. The mutants, who appeared to almost be in a trance, suddenly unsheathed hidden weapons and were marching towards Xuilui and Sena. So distracted by the weapons they were now holding, the group forgot about that loud explosion, lightning and thunder in the distance perhaps, and they moved in to fight. It was over faster than it took Sena to actually say the plan. They were a strong group indeed, The Crimson Four truly lived up the the stories she had always heard about them. Just as they began to celebrate, another explosion went off, this time it sounded much closer. As they got there bearings back from being rattled by the loud noise, they saw a man standing among the mutant’s dead bodies. He was dressed in all black and wore a hood over his face. Suddenly his eyes started to glow bright red. They could see them shining through his dark black hood. It was then that the strange clouds began to swirl faster, and lightning began to strike near the adventurers facing this unknown threat. A lightning bolt pierced through Xuilui, bringing her to her knees, stunned and afraid, she closed her eyes and began to wait for death... but, just then, she opened her eyes to reveal four large shadows huddling over her, she could see the sunlight behind their heads, cloaking their faces. Weird, she thought, because it had just been the dead of night. As she came to, and things started to be seen more clearly, she realized that this wasn’t The Crimson Four, it was her older sister and three younger brothers, and there was her dog too. She looked around, she was in her backyard, surrounded by family with strange masks on their faces. It was then that she realized she had been dreaming. The strange masks were to protect them from becoming sick, she remembered now. Her sister explained that she tripped over Grandmom’s walker and hit her head on the table. She couldn’t believe it as she looked around the patio in her own backyard, all of it, it really was a dream. She was seeing her grandparents with their masks on, dad and mom carrying food out for a big thanksgiving feast. She had spent so much time playing that game between her exams and classes, she had truly thought she was in Haranya, a land far away, and she was really an adventure fighting amongst others in Hasla. She smiled as her siblings helped her to her feet. She was so thankful that she was ok, and that she was actually safe at home. The nightmare of the fight with the evil mage was over, her family was gathering around the table to eat together, all happy that was OK after falling over and hitting her head.

As the family said their prayers before eating their big thanksgiving meal, and everyone stated what they were thankful for, she exclaimed “I am thankful for my health, and family all gathered together, everyone worried about me and helping me after I fell, thank you all.” Her whole family smiled and nodded. Then, as someone else began to say what they were thankful for, she thought to herself: “and, thank you ArcheRage, for a wonderful escape from reality for all of us players. For working hard to create events and host a server where we can gather and fight together, I look forward to making many more memories to come.”




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IGN: Aviendha

Fishing Adventures and Thoughtful Gifts

I am thankful for the exciting adventures we have as a guild, especially when we decide to go fishing...
We often tend to find our faithful companion, the Delphinad Ghost Ship. Its crew doesn't like us very much, though.

October 10th was when I almost lost my ship, as my trusty guildies forgot their Shatigon's Sand.

October 13th, when I actually lost one boat and tried to keep fishing with my other boat.

November 14th, when the DGS left us in peace for a change...
Loctus in the back did have to change his position but he managed to survive.

All in all, I am the most thankful for the fact the DGS never was able to take a fish!

On other, more peaceful, days, my guildies leave me presents in my house! I am very grateful for that as well 👀

A warm thank you to my guildies for standing strong despite what random shit may happen and despite me maybe dropping a skewer on top of y'all 💕


IGN: Elysea

Freedom in times of confinement.

Gather around children! Is time to say our thanks!


Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, and in this times of global crisis on which we feel completely powerless and overwhelmed, ARCHERAGE is no longer "just a game" but has become a safe refuge to give some rest to our minds.

I'm thankful to Archerage for giving me a place to be creative and, even for a period of time, forget about the chaos around us.


I'm thankful to this world, for giving me wings in a time within walls.

I'm thankful to my guild ADORABLE, for all the experiences and goofing around together. For being able to be closer in a time of social distancing, and being friendly in a time of hostility.

I'm thankful to my trade runs. They give me profit while having the luxury to drive around beautiful places and racing some crazy people.

And last but not least, i'm thankful to role playing. Having the chance to swim in a sunny beach, climbing surreal mountains and having adventures against the threats of this fantastic world.

Maybe our bodies are beign held captives of the world, but we decide where our minds can go. And maybe some of us won't be able to spend real time with our families and loved ones, but I'm sure that most of us have found a loving family and community within the game.

Thanks ArcheRage staff members and thanks to the players that help create this world a little every day. Maybe this is not a story of something specific that happened to me in the game, but is the story of how, everyday since this pandemic started, ArcheRage is giving us Freedom in times of confinement.