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  1. Sparkle

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    Winter in ArcheRage
    Winter is a wonderful season when we can enjoy something we didn't have a chance to enjoy is summer... winter activities... hot drinks... feeling closer to the family... holidays invitations... holidays gifts... winter Greeting Cards...

    So, gather your friends in game, make some nice screenshots of your winter activities in game and make a winter ArcheRage Greeting Card.
    Important! Your character should be present on it ;)

    It should include words "ArcheRage" on it and make you feel a Christmas and New Year spirit when you look at it.
    Graphic editors are allowed.

    The best 3 cards will receive the rewards:
    1st place - 3000 credits + costume Poinsettia (Icekissed) Winter Festival Costume (winner's choice)
    2nd place - 2000 credits
    3rd place - 1500 credits

    Last day of the event - January, 8th.
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  2. RogueChoi

    RogueChoi Member

    2018 in ArcheRage was great, let's continue in 2019 with the fashion and shenanigans!:p <3
    (Please open/enlarge pic so you can see all the sparkles! I'm kinda embarrassed how this took me all day to learn how to make glitter text, edit a million layers, alignment, etc but I'm so proud of it and it shows what we've been up to!)
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  3. norhi

    norhi New Member

    Do my friends need to appear in my christmas card? Is it okay if it's just me?
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  4. Harken

    Harken New Member

    Happy Holidays guys!!
  5. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Only you is fine, but you can gather your friends for it as well. Up to you. The only requirement is for you to be on the card.
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  6. Forty

    Forty Member

    Merry Christmas from me and my army of snowmen SNOWMANARMY.png
    edit to add ign: Forty
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  7. Trixiy

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  8. crawlingchaos

    crawlingchaos New Member

    May All Your Troubles Last As Long As Your New Year’s Resolutions!
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  9. Jigglenaut

    Jigglenaut New Member

    Happy Holidays everyone~!
  10. Izanamihime

    Izanamihime Member

    Merry Christmas Everyone.
    I hope you have some wonderfull days!!
    Love Iza

    Bonus Picture!!! Christmasgreeting.jpg
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  11. Vexeris

    Vexeris Member

    I have no friends so all of the characters are me lmao

    Happy Holidays!


    Pic only in case it's too smol
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  12. Seleen

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  13. AizenSenpai

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  14. Yokai

    Yokai New Member

    cartao do yokai.png

    Happy holidays!
    IGN: Yokai
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  15. norhi

    norhi New Member

    Happy new year, everyone!!
    A little late for Chritmas, but I hope you all had a great holiday!
    cartao1 meu.png

    IGN Norhi
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  16. Lasreaine

    Lasreaine New Member

    Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you all had fun, I sure did.
    IGN: Eleona wastedfinal.png
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  17. Lalisa

    Lalisa New Member

    I don't know is it allowed to edit it like this but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year <3

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  18. Tsukichan

    Tsukichan New Member

    Happy New Year! Welcome 2019!
    [​IMG]IGN: Tsukichan
  19. SamELFisher

    SamELFisher New Member

    IGN: Sawyer

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  20. ThaFoxRay

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    IGN: Silverfoxxx
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