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ArcheRage 5.1: Patch Notes

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ArcheRage 5.1: Patch Notes

Below you’ll find all the details related to the changes applied with 5.1 update as well as the information on the release.

5.1 update release date – January, 19th
(maintenance details will be posted on 1/18)

Torrent file will be available at the end of 1/18.
Updated launcher will be available for download after we turn server off for the update.

Follow the link for 5.1 Patch Notes in:


A few words about the update:

In this update our Heroes will face a number of changes: updated hero cloacks, new Hero Statue recipes, Hero Missions, new heroes duties.

New Abyssal Library Dungeon is introduced. That means new quests and new equipment.

Pirates faction conducts a stricter selection — if you are inactive for a week, you will be kicked out of the Pirate faction.
To become a pirate you no longer need to accumulate Crime Points and Infamy Points, now you are required to complete a new questline.
DGS, Morpheus and Rangora are now under pirates protection.

Golden Plains Battle is now separated into an arena that will be available twice a day.
Drill Camp Arena is added to the game.

Added 14 new Ancestral Skills.
Added a new Lunagem Upgrade system that can improve Lunagems without unsocketing.

Added 12 new daily quests that grant the Blue Salt Bond (new name of the Resident Token).
Decreased the drop rate of Unidentified Hiram Infusion and increased the drop rate of Mysterious Hiram Infusion.
Housing gets its pleasant improvements as well: added more UCC friendly buildings; house furniture items can be auto-aligned when placing.


Scroll down (or press below buttons) to find the following information regarding the changes coming with the update:

2. Heroes.png
3. Dungeons.png
4. Pirates.png
5. Golden Plains Battle & Arenas.png
6. Skills.png
7. Lunagems.png
8. New Quests.png
9. ZoneNPC.png
10. Items.png
11. Misc. Changes .png
12. Other Updates.png
13. Bug Fixes.png
14. Custom Update.png
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2. Heroes.png

  • Due to the removal of the Epherium Hero Cloak, the buff "Received Damage Reduction" has been added to the Delphinad Hero Cloak.​
  • The "Move Speed Boost" has been moved from the Delphinad to the Erenor Hero Cloak buff.​
  • The Hero Cloaks got tougher than ever before.​
  • Keep in mind the Hero Cloak will not be effective in arenas.​
  • Once heroes are elected, they can unlock the Hero Missions tab on the Hero UI during their active term.​
  • Four missions are available that can be unlocked for 50 Gilda Stars. Completing each mission grants Leadership points and a Hero Reward at the end of the term will be given based on the points acquired.​
  • New Hero Statue recipes have been added to upgrade the Hero Statue to Radiant and further to Glorious:
    • Radiant Golden Hero Statue​
    • Radiant Silver Hero Statue​
    • Radiant Bronze Hero Statue​
    • Glorious Golden Hero Statue​
    • Glorious Silver Hero Statue​
    • Glorious Bronze Hero Statue​
  • A new item called "Raid Flare" has been added so that the heroes can summon their raid members. This item will be distributed to Faction Heroes based on their Hero ranks. The Heroes must be either Raid General, Co-Raid Admiral or Raid Commander to use the item.​
  • With the new update the gods blessed the heroes with an almighty gift. Based on their Hero ranks each Faction Hero will receive new flags that have the power to change a zone’s state. Once the state has changed via a Hero’s flag, a cooldown up to 90 minutes will be applied to avoid frequent state changes and prevent inhabitants from pure madness.​
  • Following zones will depend on the benevolence of the Hero:
    • Nuia: Cinderstone Moor, Halcyona, Hellswamp and Sanddeep​
    • Haranya: Ynystere, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah, Perinoor Ruins and Hasla​
    • Auroria: Reedwind and Western Hiram Mountains.​


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3. Dungeons.png

  • The Library is receiving a revamp in the form of a 5-man dungeon, in which players can obtain new Library Equipment. You can enter the dungeon up to 3 times a day or use the Mistsong Grinding Guardian Scroll for additional entries. The entrance is located in the Ayanad Ruins in Diamond Shores.​
  • You can choose, if you want to enter the Encyclopedia Room, which is the old Library, or to enter the new Abyssal Library Dungeon.​
  • The map of the new Abyssal Library Dungeon consists of four floors. Each floor has a waiting room, which will also be the respawn point, and a boss room.​
  • The following new quests have been added:
    • Abyssal Library​
    • Defeat Abyssal Wynn​
    • Defeat Abyssal Halnaak​
    • Defeat Abyssal Alexander​
    • Defeat Heart of Ayanad Guardian​
  • The new Abyssal Library Equipment can be gathered by looting the bosses of the Abyssal Library Dungeon. Each boss drops different pieces of the equipment! There are 7 weapons, a cloth armor set for healing classes, a cloth armor set for mage classes, a leather armor set and a plate armor set.
    • After obtaining the equipment pieces it will have the rare grade and can later be upgraded up to enternal.​
    • They can be tempered up to +30.​
    • Each weapon has its own special stats or effects.​
    • Each armor has a set effect, if you obtained 3, 5 and 7 pieces.​
    • The cloth armor has two different types for healing and mage classes.​
  • Another option to get the new Abyssal Library Equipment is by awakening Legendary Mistong Summit Equipment with Abyssal Library Awakening Scrolls. The scrolls can be crafted at the Disciple’s Workbench near the Library entrance. Please keep in mind that Awakening cannot be undone.​
  • Greater and higher dungeons have a chance to drop the Sunglow Lunagem.​
  • Mistsong Summit bosses no longer drop Mistsong Reticules.​
  • Reduced the maximum number of participant of Serpentis dungeon from 10 to 5.​


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4. Pirates.png

  • Crime Points and Infamy Points are separated from the Pirate faction system.​
  • Players will have to start a new quest line to become a Pirate.
    • First quest "Path to Pirate" can be started at the Pirate board on Freedich Island.​
    • The quests will be unvailable, if the Pirate faction reached the max cap of members (Max cap: 100).​
    • Pirate quests that were only available on Sundays can be done on any day.​
  • The three world bosses Delphinad Ghost Ship, Morpheus and Rangora belong now to the Pirate faction! Pirates can’t kill them or loot their treasures as in the past. Instead, 3 additional Pirate daily quests will be available during spawn times of the world bosses. In order to proceed the quests, Pirates have to interact with the bosses.
    • Protect the Delphinad Ghost Ship!​
    • Protect Morpheus!​
    • Protect Rangora!​
  • To complete the quests the Pirates need to talk to the corresponding quest NPCs, who only spawn, if the bosses are despawned due to the timer and the bosses haven’t been killed by other factions.​
  • Based on the number of players who accepted the quest, the Bounty Hunter NPCs may appear to attack the boss in the non-combat mode.​
  • Increased the spawn cooldown of Morpheus and Rangora.​
  • If you are inactive for a week, you will be kicked out of the Pirate faction.​
  • You can leave the Pirate faction by talking to Bruno on Growlgate isle to begin the quest "Never Too Late".​
  • Neutral Guards are neutral to pirates and don’t attack Pirates.​
  • Merchant NPCs and other functioning NPCs in other zones are friendly to Pirates.​
  • Players with the Wanted debuff cannot earn Honor Points from quests.​
  • The recall point "Stormraw Sound - Growlgate Isle" can be saved for everyone.​
  • Removed the debuff Contemptuous that Pirate players had.​
  • Moved the Pirate related Achievements to a different category: [Social - Criminal Justice] -> [Adventure - Quests/Completed]​


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5. Golden Plains Battle & Arenas.png

  • The Halcyona Golden Plains Battle is now separated into an arena that will be available twice a day.​
  • Pushing the zone "Halcyona" to War does not trigger the Golden Plains Battle event.​
  • Disabled all Golden Plains Battle quests in Halcyona.​
  • Removed the quest NPC Golden Plains Battle Recruiter and all related world gates.​
  • The Auto-raid is not created when Halcyona is pushed to the War.​
  • The Story Quest Achievement "Decorated Warrior" is no longer available. Remains in the Achievement if it was achieved before the update.​
Golden Plains Battle1.png
  • The maximum number of participants from each faction has been adjusted:
    • 20-100 Nuians and 20-100 Harayans are required to start the arena (AR staff: Originally 50-100, but number is customly reduced to 20-100).​
    • 0-25 Pirates​
  • Golden Plains Battle NPCs and structures are stronger than the previous.​
  • Adjusted the queue time of the Golden Plains Battle Event.​
  • A banner notification appears on the screen during the Golden Plains Battle.​
  • Updated the matching failure message.​
  • Items that are affected by Proficiencies cannot be used in the Golden Plains Battle.​
  • Added 21 new Achievements that are available in the Golden Plains Battle.​

  • Added the Drill Camp Arena.
    • It is a 10 vs 10 arena.​
    • The balanced arena rules are applied.​
    • Improved and buffed the structure and monsters in the arena.​
    • Updated the Kill Streak bonus.​
  • Adjusted the Daily Entry of Drill Camp Arena.
    • Added a reward box that gives an option to choose the Unidentified Hiram Infusion or the Abyssal Enhancer Rank 2.​
    • The Daily Entry is set to 3.​
    • The Daily Entry cannot be reset.​
  • Added the buff "Arena Interpreter in the Drill Camp Arena.​
  • Added the Ranking and reward system for the Drill Camp Arena.​
  • Decreased the Max Health of Defense Tower and Defense Cannon in the Drill Camp Arena from 100% to 50%.​

More Arena Improvements
  • Free-For-All Arena is now a balanced arena.
    • Participants' level is adjusted to Lv55 when they enter the arena.​
    • Disables equipment effects, and restricts all item use/effects.​
  • Updated the Arena Entries.​
  • Removed the Skirmish Arena and its Ranking system. (AR staff: for more info check Custom Updates part).
  • Added the Honorable Combat buff for 1:1 Arenas like Gladiator Arena and Sparring Arena.
    • Increases Vitalism Skill Damage +20%; decreases Vitalism Skill Healing -50%.​
    • Reduces the duration of Stealth -50%.​
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6. Skills.png

Character Combat Balance
  • Adjusted Character Stat effects.
    • Spirit: Mana Regen 0.2 -> 0.3 per point; removed Magic Defense Boost.​
    • Stamina: Defense and Magic Defense +1 per point; removed Health Regen.​
  • Adjusted the Maximum Cap of the following stats.
    • Critical Rate: up to 100%​
    • Critical Damage: up to 300%​
    • Attack Speed: up to 2000 (previous: 4000)​
  • Adjusted Resilience effects.
    • Critical Rate Reduction per Resilience point: +8%​
    • Critical Damage Reduction per Resilience point: +40%The minimum Critical Damage % reduced by Target's Resilience is changed from 0% to 150% (since 150% is the base %).​
  • The Weakened Body buff decreases the target's Health and Mana, not Max Health and Max Mana.​
  • Character Stat Stamina: Health Regen +0.13 per point.​
Ancestral Skills
  • Removed the Skill Rank information from the Ancestral UI.​
  • Added 14 new Ancestral Skills.​
The list of Skill changes below:







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7. Lunagems.png
  • Reduced the price of Tier 1 Lunagem on Honor Shop, from 10,000 to 7,000 Honor Points.​
  • Increased Tier 1 Lunagem's Gearscore from 10 to 24.​
  • Increased the socketing cost of Tier 1 Lunagem.​
  • Adjusted the crafting materials to craft Glorious Lunagems (Tier 3) from Splendid Lunagems (Tier 2).
    • All types of Superior Xglow Lunarites and Fine Xglow Lunarites are combined to the new items: Superior Glow Lunarite and Fine Glow Lunarite.​
    • Superior Glow Lunarite and Fine Glow Lunarite can be acquired by salvaging the T1 Lunagem or opening Locked Crates.​
    • Discontinued Superior Xglow Lunarites and Fine Xglow Lunarites can be converted to the new Lunarites.​
  • Improved the effects for some Splendid Lunagems.​
  • Removed the Superior Eathglow Lunarite from the Prestige Shop.​
  • Added a new Lunagem Upgrade system that can improve Lunagems without unsocketing.
    • Lunagems upgraded in this method cannot be removed from equipment.​
  • Lunagems that can be upgraded are the following:
    • T1 Fireglow Lunagem​
    • T1 Copperglow Lunagem​
    • T1 Galeglow Lunagem​
    • T1 Earthglow Lunagem​
    • T1 Waveglow Lunagem​
  • Added new items, Luna Charms, that are used in upgrading Lunagems.​


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8. New Quests.png

  • Added 12 new daily quests that grant the Blue Salt Bond.
    • The quests are available at the Community Center.​
    • The quests ask to supply Iron Ingots, Lumber, Fabric, or Leather. Players can earn Gold, EXP, and a Blue Salt Bond in return.​
    • Every day at 11:55 pm, one of the three quests (Supply Demand 20, 60 or 100) will be activated in each community center.​
  • Added 10 new quests to support the faction Heroes. These quests replaced the Faction Board quests. In the previous version, the faction Heroes had to activate the faction board for the material supply. Now it asks the Blue Salt Bond.​
  • Once the faction Hero interacts with the board, it stays activated for 6 hours.​
  • The faction board will give one of five Hero support quests.​
  • Resident Token now has a new name, Blue Salt Bond.
    • The Blue Salt Bond can be contributed to the community center or used to Hero support quests.​
    • Removed the item expiration timer.​
    • Can be stacked up to 1000.​


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9. ZoneNPC.png

  • Drastically reduced the received Healing of Morpheus the Forsaken, Captain Rangora, Delphinad Ghost Ship and Morpheus's Cannon.
    • Morpheus's Automatic Cannon​
    • Morpheus the Forsaken​
    • Captain Rangora​
    • Delphinad Ghost Ship​
  • Since the received Healing of Delphinad Ghost Ship has been reduced, Sea Banshee's Healing is drastically increased.​
  • Drastically increased the damage dealt by Guard and Sentry NPCs.​
  • Drastically increased the damage dealt by Automatic Cannons in Diamond Shores.​
  • Diamond Shores Base can detect the hostile player in Stealth, if they are close.​
  • Added a ranged attack skill to Stone Moss Elemental and Mutated Stone Moss Elemental in Western Hiram Mountains.​
  • Updated the respawn rule for some monsters in Western Hiram Mountains. This change is to fix the issue where only few ranged attack classes could benefit from this imbalance.​
  • Adjusted the Honor Gem's drop rate and other drop item list from Lv51+ Auroria monsters.
    • Normal and Strong monsters no longer drop Vivid Honor Gem anymore.​
    • Reduced the drop rate of Honor Gem dropped from Normal and Strong monsters.​
    • Increased the drop rate of Honor Gem dropped from Elite+ monsters.​
  • Increased the defense for monsters, based on their level.​
  • Added the Thrust and Throw Spear animation to Corrupted Spearman and Enraged Spearman.​


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10. Items.png

  • Decreased the drop rate of Unidentified Hiram Infusion and increased the drop rate of Mysterious Hiram Infusion.​
  • Any piece of dungeon equipment (except cloaks) can be used in Dungeon Item Synthesis.​
  • Discontinued the item "Axis Mundi".
    • Removed its equip effects and combo effects.​
    • Using Axis Mundi grants 1600 Gilda Stars.​
    • Axis Mundi used as an image item can be used as is.​
  • Added a new item Onyx Archeum Essence, which replaces Charcoal Stabilizer.​
  • Updated the following item's set effect description.
    • Disciple's Discord Cloth Armor 7-Set Effect:
      Old: has a chance to ignore the target's Magic Defense, when attack.
      New: has a chance to fully ignore the target's Magic Defense, when attack. (Cooldown: 20 sec)​
    • Disciple's Leather Armor 7-Set Effect:
      Old: has a chance to ignore the target's Defense, when attack.
      New: has a chance to fully ignore the target's Defense, when attack. (Cooldown: 20 sec)​
  • Added the alternate appearance for the following costumes:
    • Blood Dream Dynasty Robes, Icefall Dynasty Robes and Ebongleam Dynasty Robes​
    • Poinsettia Winter Festival Costume and Icekissed Winter Festival Costume​
  • The following changes have been made to Locked Gold Crate.
    • Increased the Drop Rate of Lunagem.​
    • Lunagems are dropped in a Cloaked form.​
    • Locked Gold Crate does not drop Sunglow Lunagems anymore.​
  • Decreased the Drop Rate of Locked Silver Crate.​
  • Adjusted the item effect of Monstrous Desire:
    • Regens 75 Mana every second over 30 seconds -> Increases Mana Regen +70 for 30 seconds​
  • Added the recipes that convert the old farm vehicles into Chroma versions.​
  • The following changes has been made to Erenor Lunafrosts.
    • Improved Equip Effect and Bonus Effect for some of Erenor Lunafrosts.​
    • Added Resilience +150 in Equip Effect.​
    • Can be socketed on Weapon/Bow/Shield.​
    • Added the 8-set effect.​
  • Storm Caller's Hoop can be salvaged.​


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11. Misc. Changes .png

  • Reaching the Epic+ grade by equipment synthesis triggers a world message. This feature is not applied to costumes, cloaks, or undergarments.​
  • Shift+left-clicking the arena team on the chat window creates a direct link on the chat.​
  • Added the Abyssal Library dropdown option to the Raid Recruit/Search.​
  • Improved the road details on the Reedwind mini map.​
  • Adjusted the information shown on Pet Info. It displays more details such as the pet's DPS.​
  • Updated the material information on the Lunagem UI. Removed the mention on alchemy.​
  • Added the pack storage information in farm vehicle tooltips.​
  • Removed unnecessary category tabs in the Rider's Trunk UI.​
  • When logging out, only the Esc key can be used, and other keys are disabled.​
  • The glider/wings removed due to carrying a building material pack will be auto-equipped when the player drops the pack.​
  • Discontinued Auroria Pack and Cargo that have been placed on the ground can be picked up again.​
  • Enabled Team feature.​


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12. Other Updates.png

Daily Contracts
  • Updated the Daily Contracts Delivery Mission names.​
  • The Mistmerrow Mission on the Daily Contracts requires Lv50+.​

  • Increased the Hostile Faction Tax rate from 100% to 300%.​
  • Added more UCC friendly buildings.
    • 16 x 16: Raised Cottages​
    • 24 x 24: Manors, Townhouses, and upgraded Farmhouses​
    • 28 x 28: Villas and Chalets​
  • House furniture items can be auto-aligned when placing.​

  • Adjusted the recipe for Mistsong Awakening Scroll.
    • Sunset Portalstone: 30 -> 10​
  • Added new Potion items.
    • Sunlight Juice: increases Honor gained from War/Quests​
    • Moonlight Juice: increases Loot Drop Rate​
    • Sunlight and Moonlight Juices can be crafted with Cooking proficiency.​
  • Adjusted the crafting requirement of Resplendent Tempers.
    • Increases required proficiency to 50,000.​
    • Added new crafting materials.​
  • Added the crafting recipe for 8 new Ayanad Lunafrosts.
    • Ayanad Flame Lunafrost​
    • Ayanad Gale Lunafrost​
    • Ayanad Earth Lunafrost​
    • Ayanad Wave Lunafrost​
    • Ayanad Life Lunafrost​
    • Ayanad Lightning Lunafrost​
    • Ayanad Typhoon Lunafrost​
    • Ayanad Ocean Lunafrost​
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13. Bug Fixes.png

  • Fixed an issue that there was a low change to crystalize the equipment when awakening with a Sacred Hiram Awakening Scroll.​
  • Changed the Jury buff to be hidden.​
  • Fixed an issue where a synthesis stat could be replaced without consuming a material item.​
  • Updated how the labor cost is displayed on the tooltips of Mysterious Hiram Infusion. It now displays the maximum labor cost; the actual amount of Labor consumed is not changed.​
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancestral Level achievements are incorrectly displayed. As some achievements display a different completion date.​
  • Fixed an issue that only the background music would be played during combat in Western Hiram Mountains.​
  • Fixed an issue where the achievement progress bar randomly would not be displayed.​
  • Fixed an issue where the Warehouse UI would stay open after teleporting through a worldgate or using a memory ember.​
  • Fixed an issue where the building would not be displayed if many building and decorations were placed around.​
  • Fixed an issue that ship components could not be repaired without the Moored buff.​
  • Fixed an issue that the reward from the quest "The Key to Regrading" had been giving a discontinued item.
    • Weapon Temper → Solar Temper​
  • Fixed an issue where the collection information of the title "Abyssal Adept" was incorrect.​
  • Fixed the recipe name containing the discontinued item name.
    • Resplendent Weapon Temper → Resplendent Solar Temper​
    • Resplendent Armor Temper → Resplendent Lunar Temper​
  • Fixed an issue where Dye Ticket could not be used after teleporting through the worldgate.​
  • Removed the quest "Castaway: Diver's Leap"​
  • Removed the un-obtainable Hasla Achievements from the Achievement UI.​
  • Fixed an issue where a plant cannot be placed on a land that already had plants placed closely to each other, when the auto-align feature was active.​
  • Improved the Map display function around Western Hiram Mountains and Reedwind.​
  • Fixed an issue where using an item by right-clicking could not work (only at first). E.g. salvaging an item, washing a costume with the soap, using a Decrystallization Scroll, using a Transmutor.​
  • Fixed an issue where linking a tempered equipment item on the Chat could not display the tempered value.​
  • Fixed an issue where a Taxidermy decor item could not display the correct capture date.​
  • Fixed an issue where certain skills could be used in the Mistsong Summit entrace peace area.​
  • Fixed an issue where Jola's Eternal Grudge would not share the Cooldown with other items.​
  • Fixed an issue where the items in the Bag could be disabled if the player used a Dye Ticket immediately after the login, then completed dying after the system message was displayed.​
  • Occultism: fixed an issue where Cursed Thorn would not consume Mana.​
  • Malediction: fixed the Mana consumption from 6 to 24 in the Mana Bolts tooltips.​
  • Archery: fixed an issue where Flame Charged Bolt's Combo with the Launched debuff on targets would not be triggered.​
  • Fixed an issue where the Achievement progress count would not be displayed.​
  • Fixed an issue where the Roar Aftershock from the Red Dragon mount could be applied to the players on the Mistmerrow Altar (peace area).​
  • Fixed an issue that the "Carry and Run" skill from Mirage Bjorne didn't grant Immunity.​
  • Fixed an issue that Axis Mundi would appear in the suggested names on the Auction House search bar.​
  • Fixed an issue that Axis Mundi would appear on the Item Encyclopedia.​
  • Songcraft: fixed an issue where Wave Double-Time's tooltip contained the incorrect duration information.​
  • Shadowplay: fixed an issue where Quake Freerunner would not consume Mana.​
  • Vitalism: now Mana Barrier cannot be used if there is no target around the caster.​
  • The stat bonus acquired by a certain skills such as Joyous Spirit will not be reduced by other effects.​
  • Songcraft: removed the duplicated text line in the Wave Double-Time tooltip.​
  • Fixed an issue where the Slowed Combo effect would be applied to the Marked.​
  • Shadowplay: fixed an issue where the visual effect of Quake Freerunner would be displayed incorrectly.​
  • Improved the visual effect of Andelph Drakora's skill "Breakthrough" while it is airborne.​
  • Fixed an issue where the buff Clear Mind gained from using Guest Bed would prevent players from using Hotspring Pond and Hallowtide Tombstone.​
  • Removed the unavailable Achievement "Ayanad's Bounty" from the Achievement UI.​
  • Fixed an issue where the summoned monsters in the Heart of Ayanad would not be removed when all players died.​
  • Fixed the issue that the Golden Library Index and Tyrenos's Index did not mention that they cannot be used in the Abyssal Library in their tooltips.​
  • Fixed an issue where Scouting Serpent would consume Mana when it was scouting.​
  • Fixed an issue where the Disguised Serpent Fanatic could use a skill while it was being summoned.​
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters could be attacked as soon as they were spawned.​
  • Fixed an issue where the plant/livestock auto-align randomly would not work when placing an item at a corner of a land.​
  • Improved the issue where hovering the mouse on the world map would not display a tooltip.​
  • Fixed an issue where Synthesis items would appear as equip-able items in Equipment slots. The relevant items below:
    • Abyssal Enhancer Rank 1​
    • Lesser Hiram Infusion​
    • Auroran Synthesis Shard​
    • Auroran Synthesis Stone​
    • Auroran Synthesis Stone Pack​
    • Abyssal Enhancer Rank 2​
    • Abyssal Enhancer Rank 3​
    • Abyssal Enhancer Rank 4​
  • Fixed an issue where Sun's Zenith Swimsuit would not be dyed.​
  • Fixed an issue where a regraded ship component would be reset randomly.​
  • Fixed an issue where the Enraged Spearman would not take damage or debuffs if it was casting its skill "Destroyer's Guiding Spear".​
  • Fixed an issue where the player would not get the Preparing Glider buff, if the player was using a glider and attacked by Dive Attack (Eagle Glider skill) from an enemy.​
  • Fixed an issue where a plant could be placed under the terrain.​
  • Fixed an issue where the skill "Carry and Run" from Mirage Bjorne would not trigger the Invincibility Limit buff.​
  • Fixed an issue where attacking a monster on the open field could trigger Mob Immune.​
  • Fixed an issue where Serpent Mage and Serpent Shaman's skill animation was awkward.​
  • Archery: fixed an issue where Blazing Arrow could not be used.​
  • Auramancy: fixed the tooltip of Flame Protective Wings to say "caster and allies" not "all targets".​
  • Occultism: fixed an issue where Mist Summon Wraith would not slow the targets.​
  • Unlocked Ancestral Skills are reflected to Skill Combo Settings.​
  • Fixed an issue where Team Info minimize button could be always displayed.​
  • Fixed an appearance issue of Battle Leader Eltere in Mistmerrow.​
  • Fixed an issue where some transparent NPCs could gain a certain buff in Mistsong Summit.​
  • Fixed an issue where a trial could not be held in a certain situation.​
  • Fixed an issue where the Achievements that were related to discontinued recipes could be still displayed ingame.
    • Bladeforger​
    • Weaponsmith (Novice)​
    • Weaponsmith (Expert)​
    • Armorer​
    • Armorsmith (Novice)​
    • Armorsmith (Expert)​
  • Fixed an issue where the item name "Alluvion Love" was incorrectly displayed in the description on Achievement - Alchemy Rank 7 Achievement.​
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect Starting Bid could be displayed on the View Crafting Request, after listing the crafting request.​
  • Fixed an issue where a long name of a summon could cause a text overflow on the summon info UI.​
  • Fixed an issue where characters could enter the terrain at a certain area in Airain Rock.​
  • Fixed an issue where queuing the Bloodsalt Bay arena with a team of 5 participants would not get a match.​
  • Fixed an issue where the pattern on the ground could appear over a vehicle on the certain terrain.​
  • Fixed an issue where Category Selection Menu would not function correctly.​
  • Fixed an issue where a summoned object's location could be reset in a certain situation.​
  • Fixed an issue where the building remodel button could be activated when the player was attempting to set the building to sale.​
  • Fixed an issue where Arena Score could display incorrect information.​
  • Improved the appearance issue where weapon items visually equipped on the character's back could clip through the Greenman costume.​
  • Fixed the appearance issue where Golden Phoenix Regalia could change the hair style of certain races.​
  • While the team is on arena queue, if any team member cancels, a message will pop up​
  • Fixed an issue where equipment disable skills did not temporarily remove the related stats of the target in the balanced arena.
    • Ring Throw​
    • Dissonance​
    • Earthen Grip​
  • Fixed an issue where certain skills and damage from summons would not follow the PvP Level Gap Balance rule.​
  • Players can use and understand other faction/race's language in the Golden Plains Battle event.​
  • Updated the quest objective of the quest "Spending Prestige"
    • Purchase a Superior Earthglow Lunagem -> Purchase a Peace Treaty​
  • Fixed an issue where inflicting fear successfully with the following items would not trigger the combat mode for characters.
    • Pygmy Fiend's Fiendish Fright​
    • Wings of Terror's Wrathful Landing​


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14. Custom Update.png

  • Permanent Marketplace is updated. For the details follow the [LINK]
  • With the update release on 1/19 the first ArcheRage 2 weeks Marathon starts. For the details follow the [LINK]
  • To open Ancestor's Coinpurse player now needs to spend 20 labor.​
  • Changed the description of Mist Missile Rain.​
  • Extended the Arena queue time for 2 new Arenas (Drill Camp Arena and Golden Plains Battle) from 1h to 2h.​
  • Though Skirmish Arena is disabled and removed before the end of the month, rewards will still be sent to the players from the January ranking list.​
  • Corrected the description of "The Merchants Day" quests related to Charcoal Stabilizer.​
  • Golden Plains Battle is removed from the Daily Schedule events table.​
  • Updated the icon of the Violent Maelstrom arena in arenas list.​
  • Removed Destroy skill that castle owner possesses from castle owner's private properties.​
  • Now character's language choice auto-saves and doesn't go back to default after game restart.​
  • Fixed a bug when optimization settings (if optimization button was used) were reset if lock on the skills panel was used.​
  • Fixed a bug when some mounts could use invincibility even under debuff "Invincibility Limit".​
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