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ArcheRage Club

Do you like loud parties or playing music, want to organize your own party or gather a band and present your songs to everyone else, no matter of the race or faction? Or maybe you like to visit such activities?!
Now that is possible!

ArcheRage Club opens its doors in Mirage. A perfect place to organize a party or a concert!
Travel to the left from the main entrance of Mirage Isle. You will see a new building not far from Harani Keep.


If you want to gather other players for a party or performance and make sure everyone is aware of the date, time and other details of your event, it can be done very easy now.

With a special item “Artist’s License” you can receive from ArcheRage Staff (contact Sparkle for it!) you can organize your concert or party:
- choose stage decorations.
- rotate static music instruments in the Club.
- choose seats.
- choose Club hall decor.

!!! Players who run events in ArcheRage Club can also request "Wrapped Mirage Blank Canvas" (includes 10 Mirage Blank Canvas) from server administration. This item allows to create a set of banners that can be placed on the floor in the house/yard for 7 days. Useful for AR Club event announcement.

How to choose Club stage decorations, seats and hall decor?

When you enter the Club, there is a Helper item on the right side of the hall. To interact with it you need a special item “Artist’s License” (24h) that you can receive from ArcheRage Staff (contact Sparkle for it!).

This license allows you to access the ArcheRage Club Helper. Decorations can be switched an unlimited number of times. Once turned on, the building decorations will automatically turn off in 5 hours.


At it, you need to choose “Choose Stage Decorations”, “Choose Seats”, “Choose Hall Decor”.
Then you can choose Stage Decoration Set, seats style for each one of 5 Club hall zones, Hall Decorations (lights, flags, falling paper).

Examples of the stage decorations:


Example of a fully decorated Club:


"Additional Functions" can be found at the ArcheRage Club Helper and allow to:
- Destroy all vehicles within 50m from the Helper.
- Restrict use of any skills within 50m from the Helper. If it's active, no skills can be used in the radius, but player with an Artist's License can remove that restriction from any player. The selected target will be marked as "Artist" and can use skills even if "Skills Lock" is on.

What static music instruments are available for the performance and how to rotate them?

To rotate instruments you need to interact with a Helper item on the right side of the hall.
At it, you need to choose “Choose Instrument”.
There are 5 points on the stage, where static instruments can be placed.
For each point, you can choose 1 of 11 instruments.

The following static instruments are available:
Sovereign’s Piano
Wraithsong Piano
Brown Upright Piano
Princess’s Piano
Windwraith’s Pipes
Pipe Organ
Liberty Drums
Brahms’s Harmonious Melody
Dahuta, Aquestria and Melodies
Noryettes Contrabass
Triestes Cello

If you prefer, you can also leave a stage fully or partially empty!


Now it's a party time 🥳
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Had 230k Artistry on both NA and KR, only 53k here, I guess it's finally time I max it and maybe host either daily or weekly concerts.


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I got a ticket sent to me to check this place out and WOW! This place is amazing! The variance of decorations and instruments is great and the acoustics in the room are awesome sounding. I am looking forward to using it for something in the future!!!