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ArcheRage Wiki: Update #8


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AR Wiki got the following additions and improvements today: Authorization, Favorites, Other Updates.
You can find ArcheRage Wiki at: https://wiki.archerage.to/


- Added the option to authorize with your game account.
- To authorize press “Login to your profile” button that you can find in the right upper corner.
Important! Pay attention to the server you use before trying to log in.
- After you log in, you get access to additional new functions.
- For for authorized users, the ability to add necessary items, quests, titles, NPCs, etc. to favorites has been added.
For it use the corresponding icon on the page you want to add to favorites.
- You can now create your own favorites groups and add the necessary data to them.
- Favorites are highlighted in green and, if available, with an additional mark on the icon, in the general list.


- Fixed display of icons for wrapped and temporary items, as well as dyes and scrolls.
- Fixed a bug when search didn’t work if there were spaces at the end or beginning of the search string.
- Fixed display of NPC’s title in lists.
- Added information about the item expiration.
- Fixed item grade display for the items that can’t change their grade.
- Updated display of bronze/silver/gold in rewards or chests; they are now displayed separately.
- Added connections between titles and achievements.
- Added a number minor fixes and updates to improve wiki database.​