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Class with Occultism (Skullknight/Defiler)


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I've always been a Cleric when playing games and I loved playing as one in Archeage.
But now I'm ready for something new.

I really like the Occultism tree in Archeage and wish to find a build that uses Occultism as it's main thing.
I found Skullknight (Occ/Def/Aur) and Defiler (Occ/Witch/Def) interesting since they both are high CC's, also saw that Skullknight could be a tank but I'd rather wish to do DPS instead of tanking.

Any tips if these two builds will work? If so, Cloth or Plate? Scepter and shield or Staff?

I'd like an occultism build that's DPS/CC which wont immediatly die like my previous Cleric's did.

-Thank you in advance.


Anything based in occultism is not going to be a DPS class. Theres nothing in there that can do reliable damage.

Occultism as main while not dying is going to be the two you brought up, Delifer has more CC in witchcraft, while SK has the CC of occultism but also the mobility and utility of auramancy, with skills like teleports, or vicious implosion to pull a bunch of enemies towards you so you can impale them with hellspears, and follow with crows and mire.

For armor, cloth is more damage oriented, plate is for straight tank. Weapons are 1H and shield, no point taking defense tree and then using a staff (that would render the tree useless), you can use obsidian scepter that has intel and stamina, ayanad wave is probably good too (at later stages since its costly), more magic damage and full intel on stats, which will push your damage up some more, and you seem keen on that.

And clerics don't immediately die, they're a pain to kill, your experience might be coming from being undergeared while facing people with 1.5 or even 2x your gearscore. That will happen to your SK/Defiler/whatever just the same. A 2H Darkrunner can one shot you right out of stealth in those conditions, you don't get to press a button.