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Bonds for 10/19-10/20 credit to Zeirlynn for providing west CC bond quests and making them look all neat and formal.



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Bonds and community-timer resources will be on hiatus until further notice. Both me and Zeirlynn are not happy with the decisions the devs keep making without consulting the player base. You likely have seen many public crafting houses get torn down due to the tax changes, this is due to us being unable to afford to pay taxes on resources we provide to the community. Those of us who have public crafting houses invested our real-world money in heavy-tax exempt houses loot-boxes locked behind paywalls to afford these communal resources we provide to the community. Now, these houses we paid with real money are being counted against us in the new system. All this to address an imaginary land shortage that simply does not exist(exception of luxury larder zones and diamond shores). Point is, land shortage for new players is a non-issue and this change was completely hair-brained.

Initially, it wasn't an issue spending real money, because we were supporting the server and the community. Promises were made a few years back that this kind of thing would never happen, and yet it did. Getting slapped in the face for supporting the server is a huge no-no for us, and many of the other players. This is not an "I quit" rage post, this is more of a formal protest than anything else. We'll be back should the ArcheRage's Invisible Deep State Shadow-Devs decide to see reason, which we'll find out through their intermediaries since they never bother to talk to us mere mortals.

In the meantime winter game releases/sales are plentiful and there's ample competition in the MMO space. So yeah, we don't have to spend our money or time here.

If anyone is interested in taking over updating the bonds and discord timers feel to message me here, or on discord. I will post a copy of this on discord in the very likely event this post/thread gets deleted.
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