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[Festival] Zodiac Festival


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Zodiac Festival
(October, 8th - November, 4th, 2019)

To participate in our Festival visit Sheep Ranch in Solzreed Peninsula.
During this period of time the area will be under Festival Law, which means you will be unable to attack players of opposing factions.

To reach the festival site use one of the festival Worldgates that can be found in Austera, Marianople and Diamond Shores.


In order to participate in the festival you need to obtain a Constellation Jar
that will provide you with one of the Twelve Constellation titles.
It can be obtained only once per character in Marketplace for 15 Merit Badges.

Once you have your title, equip it, then approach and use a Blazing Kismet Star Shard to see your birthstone's symbol.


Now you are ready to complete tasks of our Festival Keepers. Don't forget to speak to:
Astrologist Agape
Young Shepherd Paul
Astrologist Linoa
Astrologist Yattman
Astrologist Sorin

They will ask you to complete multiple quests.
You will need to plant and grow your Constellation Sapling, deliver requested materials to one of our festival keepers, shear Lucky Golden Ship, collect a Zodiac Owl Feather and perform many other tasks.


They appreciate your help and will be glad to reward you with our festival currency - Zodiac Festival Coin
These coins can be exchanged to various rewards at the Festival Exchanger that can be found not far from our Festival Keepers.


Legend of the Zodiac
Lover's Charm
Fortune Charm
Lucky Charm
Kismet Star Shard
Bound Honor Boost Tonic
Bound Immortal XP Tonic
Rich Steamed Crayfish
Island Time Flip-Flops
Flirty Flip-Flops
Peppermint Bracelet
Spearmint Bracelet
Applemint Bracelet
Doublemint Bracelet
Kaleidoscope Flask
Decorative Windcreek Lute
Decorative Silver Oasis Lute
Zodiac Festival Pouch

P.S. And don't forget to talk to a Festival Bard. He's visiting our festival as well and will be glad to help you complete one of the Festival Achievements.


See you at the festival!
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There are quite a few of us who cannot purchase the Constellation Jars. It seems our alts can but our mains cannot.


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Item can be purchased only once per character. If item was bought earlier and not used but accidentally removed by you or stored in your chest and forgotten there, you'll not be able to repurchase it again as you already made a 1 time purchase.

Those who have any issues, submit a Ticket or PM me (please don't do both!) and we'll check your case and clear the previous purchases if you didn't use the item but no longer have it, so you could repurchase it again.