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[Flash mob] Secret Santa


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What is Secret Santa?
It’s mystery. It’s excitement. It’s the joy of knowing someone is thinking about you. It’s the thrill of opening something but, more than that, the magic of connection.
Each year around Christmas time people all over the world exchange gifts. Usually, the identity of the gift giver is a secret not to be revealed until after the gift is opened.

Let's join this tradition of gifts exchange and spread the Christmas mood all over our little ArcheRage world :)
Join our flash mob and you will be randomly assigned a person to whom you send a gift.

What should you do?
  • Register in this thread.​
  • On December, 24th (end of day) I'll PM you with the name of the player you need to congratulate and send a gift to. So, all registered in the event players will send and receive a gift.​

Example of your entry:
  • Leave your character name in this thread (only if you are going to participate)​
  • Your real name (only if you want)​
  • Little X-mas wish for ArcheRage.​

What to gift:

1. Don't gift gold.
2. Don't gift some absolutely worthless stuff.
3. You are the one who decides what to send: a small gift or something valuable/expensive.
4. If you gifted something expensive it doesn't mean you will receive something expensive as well. Everything depends on your partner's capabilities.

And don't forget to include some Christmas wishes with your gift ;)

To participate, you need to register by 4 pm server time (EST) on December, 24th.


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IGN: Ryder
it can be a image item, crest or decoration for house!

thanks and merry xchristmas!
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Wish: I wish for the most selfish thing of all. I wish to see the smile on your face when I gift you something nice.


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IGN: Skila
My wish? Uhh decor , especially music instruments or sheets, or cool image items, like those in the christmas box(something that can be combined with 1h club/shield or cloth).
Good gear is always welcomed :p
Suprise me
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Character name: Fujicakes
I wish for a nice bow to shoot people with :D or some melee crit dmg gems for weapons :)))))))


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Character name: Polackie
X-mas wish: Surprise me .... Also if the west could win Lusca or Kraken that be cool too!
IGN: Rippington
wish: plushie of some sort
other wish: a peace buff/anti purple buff for newbies being escorted by a "registered" elder for short time.

Peace and joy to you all from us potatoes


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IGN: Semerian
Wish: For a blank canvas with artwork of my profile image saying "Vote Semerian for Hero" and to be a hero :)


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IGN: Antwil
IRL Name: Jorgin Meempresta Adoze Pramim Fazer UmBarulho
X-Mas Wish: Ravenspine Glider for i fly in everywhere and to admire every single landscape in this beatiful game or just a Wintar yata costume for i be pretty in this christmas/new year <3 or a gir... kiss :3


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Character name: Toyy
I wish for a cute pet or something out of the ordinary!
Have fun everyone!
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IGN: Kittydoom
Real Life Name: Amber!
Wish: Just for it to be a surprise and everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great holiday!

Love you all!