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[Forum Event] Lands Expert


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ArcheRagers, your favorite event is back!
If you believe that you know every ArcheRage world corner, try yourself in this event! You'll have a chance to prove that you are a real lands expert.
Every day, during 7 days, I will post 2 screenshots (1 for Nuia and 1 for Haranya) or 1 screenshot (for Auroria).
Your task is to find this place (only 1 place, if several are provided) and post a screenshot of your character at that place from the same angle (no text or map should be included on your screenshot, make sure not to reveal location details, like location name, etc!) + your ING.​
With a help of randomizer we'll choose 1 winner daily from all players that found a correct location. Location name will be posted by me together with the winner’s name.​
We'll have an additional winner in 7 daysMain Lands Expert. He will be chosen from 7 players that found correct location prior other players.​
Each player can participate once a day only. Even if you participated today, you can still participate the next day.​
Daily Winner Reward - 1000 credits to the winner​
Main Lands Expert reward - Fledgling Phoenix
Fledgling Phoenix.png


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Expect for the first screenshot any time tomorrow.
To make it more interesting, I'll have screenshots posted at a random time of a day daily.

Example of the location:

* Ooops! You can’t reach this place yet. But you’ll have a chance to discover it in a few weeks ;)
And meanwhile let's discover some other places of ArcheRage world.