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[Forum Event] Talent Show in ArcheRage

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Right now, due to the period of quarantines and isolation, people have a good chance to escape from the from daily routine they are used to and devote time to your hobbies and talents.​
This event will give you a unique opportunity to show what you are skilled in (in game) or open new talents in yourself.​

This event does not have any strict rules and requirements. Do what you want as long as you don't insult others. But, each player can participate only once!

It’s a good chance for you to get new acquaintances in game, advertise your decorations or crests business, prepare your house tea-party or big party for the approaching Easter. You can also show others your music talents, using the ingame instruments and gathering a music band or offer your mercenary services to others, or maybe you are good in photographing.
Videos, screenshots, use anything that would demonstrate what you want to show the best!

Make sure you include your IGN (ingame name), so we would know whom to reward at the end of event. And remember, any activity you'll present must be something from the game, not real life.​
Each participant will receive a participant number, once his event submission is checked and approved.​

All the approved event participants have a chance to win one or more of the titles that were a part of previous forum events and you missed earlier. Winners will be chosen with a help of Randomizer. If you win the title you already have, you'll be able to exchange it to any other one from the list (for it you will need to contact Sparkle). You can also choose to gift won title to another event participant instead of using it yourself.​

Titles list:
Tavern owner (2)
Pressman (2)
Honorable Farmer (2)
Music Band God (2)
Musical Genius (2)
Great Illustrator (2)
Great Illustrator (2)
Nature Hunter (2)
Creator (2)
Air Monger (2)
Fashion Model (2)
Halloween Fan (2)
Decorator (2)
Daredevil Correspondent (2)
Holidays Decorator (2)
ArcheRage top Beast (2)
ArcheRage top Beauty (2)
Ardent ArcheRager (2)
Miss Summer (Mister Summer) (4)
Halloween Party Landlord (2)
Spooky Pumpkin Head (2)
Arctic Artisan (2)
Winter Wizard (2)
Romantic Soul (2)

* Rewards may be changed based on the number of participants.

Last day of event - April, 16th


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IGN: Aviendha

Talent: house decoration

Avi's House Deco Inc.
- order your personal house styling today!

A collection of snapshots of each of the houses I decorated for myself and others.
Manor.jpg Plaza.jpg
treehouse.jpg miner's.jpg
Ferre tent.jpg bungalow.jpg
small tent.jpg Triple's Halcy Gulf house.jpg

Triple's bungalow.jpg
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IGN: Gryth
Talents: Photography, House & Garden Decoration, Crest design, Create Functional Furniture.


House & Garden Decoration + Crest design







Create Functional Furniture
Solutions to common problems
Functional Back Door

Visit me in Ahnimar!
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IGN: Elysea
Talent: House and garden decoration. Land merging.

Location: Ahnimar. Come visit anytime!
1 location.png

Aerial view of the place.
2 aerial.png

Main square garden.
3 garden.png

Relaxing meditation spot.
6 close garden.png

Come have a beer at the bar!
7 bar.png

Read something or chill in the office area.
8 house.png
9 living.png
10 office.png

And make a wish at the fountain!
11 fountain.png
12 gazebo.png
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IGN: Vandela
Talent/s: basic crests, house decorating/furnishing, fashion, and photo and gif taking (but potato graphics)

Although I’m a bit new to all the crest making stuff and decorating (actually, I don’t have a lot o stuff, period), I guess I could say that I at least enjoy what I do and friends have told me that they look nice ^^” I’m making crests for free, actually; just hit me up and tell me what ya want on it and I’ll see what I can do 💛

Special thanks to Choi for the one above (the round one) -he helped make my first design compatible to the game’s custom crest system

💛 Crestsonmounts.png 💛 Storagecrest.png 💛 Crest4soft.png 💛

💛 💛 💛

Here are some free crests below that I haven’t used yet and aren’t really made for anyone specifically so.. yeah, you can take them if ya want


I also decorate/furnish a lot and have a bunch o pics here and there which aren’t in this post- if ya want to see em, just hit this site https://deadlypengusquad.enjin.com/profile/20340207/pics ... cheers if ya notice the little changes I waste salon certs on :p

yayfarm&home.PNG 💛 3rdFloor.png 💛 Vtryn2Bcute.png 💛 YayMansion.png
optimized bossVan.gif

double optimization.gif

optimized house.gif

:p 💛 💛 💛 💛 💛 💛 :p

💛 Vanfishin.png 💛 sungoldengal.PNG 💛 this should be my LAST change.png 💛

💛 ARRAEpurplevan3.png 💛 ARRAEpurplevan.png 💛 ARRAEpurplevan2.png 💛

vandela3.png 💛
💛 Vandela2.1.png



💛 vaninpup.png 💛 vaninpurp.png 💛
💛 💛
💛 💛 💛
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@anemone As this is NA server, language that is required to be used for the events is English. Please correct your submission for it to include English text and your character name.​


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IGN: Arcticfox

Talent: House & Crest decoration

http://prntscr.com/s0b2sg -> House location if you wanna check it out by yourself gamers!

Dont know if this count as well but im collecting rare items/books/paintings/image items
for example most rare image items ingame & orchidna's journals for all 10 heroes & all ayanad library scrolls

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@Aviendha – IGN: Aviendha​
Romantic Soul​
@RogueChoi – IGN: Choi​
Ardent ArcheRager​
@GraceHowks – IGN: Gryth​
Tavern owner​
Miss Summer​
@Elysea – IGN: Elysea​
Air Monger​
ArcheRage top Beauty​
@Andres1917 – IGN: Hyang​
Halloween Fan​
ArcheRage top Beast​
@Astarya – IGN: Astarya​
Musical Genius​
Winter Wizard​
@Mitis – IGN: Mitis​
Nature Hunter​
Halloween Party Landlord​
@Vandela – IGN: Vandela​
Holidays Decorator​
Miss Summer​
@Giantpanda – IGN: Giantpanda​
Honorable Farmer​
@Colorfulblack – IGN: Colorfulblack​
Fashion Model​
Daredevil Correspondent​
@Hjhnjin – IGN: Hjhnjin​
Music Band God​
Arctic Artisan​
@Ayman – IGN: Arcticfox​
Great Illustrator​
Spooky Pumpkin Head​
P.S. Winners for the titles were chosen with a help of randomizer, so it was a surprise for me how music titles matched the actual talents here.
P.S.2. Remember! If you win the title you already have, you'll be able to exchange it to any other one from the list. You can also choose to gift won title to another event participant instead of using it yourself. So, post it here if you already have a title and want to choose another one or gift it to another event participant. You have 24 hours for it. After, all the rewards will be sent.
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