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[Forum Event] Thanksgiving Randomizer

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Don’t miss this opportunity to say “Thank You” and win some rewards!

Post 3 things you want to thank your ArcheRage friends and family for. You can mention the names if you want.
Also, don’t forget to provide your IGN, so we would know whom to reward!

With a help of Randomizer we'll choose 7 players from all the participants who complete the event task.
5 participants will be rewarded with 1000 credits.
2 participants will receive a Masquerade Robes.
Masquerade Robes_female.png
Masquerade Robes_male.png

Event will last for 3 days!

Last day of the event – November, 25th


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IGN Xanxishia
The three things ill thank,

Family for helping me when i need it,
Guild for taking me in when i was fresh on the server,
Friends for being amazing people.


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IGN: Alphard

I want to thank my family and friends for many things but I can only write 3 here:

1. Thank you for helping me and teaching me everything what I know about ArcheRage - game mechanics, equipment upgrades, housing, raids, missions - everything I know is thanks to you and your helping hand.

2. Thank you for your patience when we doing exploration achievements. I always get stuck somewhere, miss a landing spot or fall when I shouldn't. You are always wait, cheer and help me.
3. Thank you for all the time we spent together in ArcheRage - good and bad, sad and happy. Without you I would not be enjoying the game as I am now. I hope we will spend a lot more time together here.


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IGN: Kunfite
I'd like to thank the greatest community ever, Adorable, for being so kind and friendly and welcoming.
I'd like to thank my oldest friends who don't play anymore for bringing me here
I'd like to thank my in game family for all the packos i stole from them, and all the fun we had in the last couple months.
Also i'd like to thank everyone for playing and making the server a cozy place to chat and enjoy some stuffs


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IGN: Zeroheal
Thanks to my boyfriend for translating everything around us on the server because my english equals my heal
Thanks to our guild for doing all they can to help us
Thanks to everyone involved in the development and support of the server for developing this project for so many years


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IGN: Zerodps
Thanks to my girlfriend for keeping me company on this server despite her very high ping
Thanks to all new friends and people playing on this server for helping newcomers like us
Thanks to the Korean random for the fact that my weapon was awakened on only the 14th attempt
IGN: Shiro
Thank You my family for being away, i'm all alone (In game i mean !)
Thank You my friends to hear my music, even when she was awfull, with my low proficiency.
Thank You ArcheRage people to all these joyfull parties of PK on Freedish Island.

I particulary love the last one, lol.

And Thank You for the event also.


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IGN: Canaris
✨ I want to thank my ArcheRage friends and family for simply being the best 💜
✨ My guildies at <hoes mad> are the nicest and the funniest bunch 😇
✨ I want to thank them for helping me grow, and teaching me more about the game 📚
✨ I want to thank them for their patience and for listening to me complain about random stuff 🤣
✨ I wouldn't enjoy playing as much as I do without them 🎆
✨ I want to thank Rakshata for introducing me to this game and bringing me to this server 💝
✨ This has been my favorite game ever since 🤓

So many things to be grateful for 😁



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IGN: Aviendha

I'm thankful for:
🌸 my guild and fam being there for each other no matter what;
🌸 all the people who stick around when the faction balance is whacky;
🌸being able to have fun despite the mess out there irl.

Good luck with the randomizer, everyone!


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IGN: Yuppi

I'd Like to thank Gnostic for his help in putting my feet down in the game.
I'd like to thank Syysyy for the great heals and materials she provided.
I'd like to thank Odeth for his advice and help throughout the game for my class.

and I'd like to thank them all combined for giving me a family in game that appreciates and has fun with each other, and their trust in me!
and I'd also like to thank my whole awesome guild Potato Helpers!


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IGN: Twix
I want to thank my guildmates for being my besties, for encouraging me to farm gear and not die too fast, when the only thing I do is decorating my houses and take care of my chicken, basically playing farmville and the sims in archerage.

Thank you for all the help, with dailies, dgs, packs, quests and everything.

Thank you for the jokes, for laughing at my silly ones, for not minding my clumsiness. The game would never be the same without you. 💖🌠🙋🏻‍♀️


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Many people have helped me here, and I have also helped many people
I remembered that I was doing a task a few days ago. A novice whispered to me whether he could get 100 gold coins. I thought he was very low. I did not hesitate to give him 100 gold coins.I forgot his name, but I remember being in Air Rock or Aubre Cradle.
As you know, I am a friendly Chinese player. I often do some strategies for Chinese players, including celebration activities, including answering various questions. Even if my English is not good. Ha ha ha,But I can always solve some problems for others.
Of course, some people will also help me. I always have tasks I don't know how to perform. I always ask people, and they are willing to answer for me,For example, I was curious about the props in the 7.0 gift package that can make my head bigger, so I went to ask them and they patiently answered for me (I didn't get the furniture!!!!!!!!!!)


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IGN: Alustriella

Best wishes for:

1) My family for taking care of my sheep, when I was too lazy to feed them.
2) My husband, for playing with me all the time for several years. Your patience when we were losing and you stood by my side even though you hate pvp.
3) Everyone I met in ArcheRage for teaching me everything.

Thank you!

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IGN: Workbench

Thank you to all you people I had to chance to meet!
Thank you to all the foes that make this journey spicy!
Thank you to those who provide us with a thriving server 5 years along!


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IGN: Zing

🌟Thank you to all the cuties in Adorable, past and present. You're the bestest part of the game and I'm sorry if I intimidate you sexually.

🌟Thank you to all the pvp players that enjoy a good scrap in good humour, you're great. It's a pleasure to kill you and be killed by you.

🌟Thank you to everyone else that has contributed in some way to my enjoyment of the game. You make it what it is!


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Thank you Archerage devs for making this MMO truly shine the way it was meant to.
Thank you Sparkle, you are always there to respond and answer my questions no matter what, and your responses are don't take long to get to me. That is really appreciated.
Thank you Archerage community I hate and love you all equally and you know why.. : )



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IGN: Caitea

🌙 I'm thankful to the people behind ArcheRage, providing and maintaining the game so that myself and plenty of others can scratch their gaming itch. You guys do incredible work, keep it up!

🌙 I'm thankful for the players, being helpful and friendly and providing such a strong community. Without you, the game wouldn't be the same!

🌙 Finally, I'm thankful for everyone who contributes the guides section specifically, doing research and testing, spending their own valuable time to write guides to help others succeed. You're the kings and queens that help everyone reach their full potential.


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Thank you for the wild car rides with great music from reds that could kill me in an instant.

Thank you to Fidelis for leading all the lazy people in Nuia through their dailies.

And Thank you to the Iron head guild, various pirates and purplers for coming and trying to kill Fidelis or generally trying to ruin daily raids, Archeage would be boring without you.

And a special thank you for the team maintaining this amazing server, for allowing me to come back to a thriving server 3 years later. I can't even imagine the job behind the scenes but I think they're doing a better job than on the official server!


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1. I want to thank the admins/devs and everyone who has helped to create and maintain this server over the years. You guys do a great job with the customization and events and have helped to create a wonderful community on here. Thank you!

2. I'm thankful for all the friends I've made in this game. It's been a rough last 2 years dealing with health issues and this game and the friends I've made here have helped to give me a purpose when I had none.

3. Thank you to all the healers, you've saved my ass on here more times than I can count and I love you all! <3

IGN: Illaria
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