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[Game Event] Easter Festival!

Heya Sparkle I think during the server crash and fix to get it back up and running again something borked up and now the two dailies out in miragle isle arent working. The delivery quest doesnt give you a pack on your back and the NPC falls through the floor. And the temp glider item on the airship doesnt give you the special glider either. So none of them can be turned in and we still have 22 hours to go to do one last set before event is over. Could you maybe fix it so it works so people can get their last few tokens? :D

PS: yes i tried relogging too and that didnt help. Oh and also the paint maker didnt give me any paint when i picked up the mission and clicked on the chicks egg. so i wasnt able to paint the easter egg or get a lottery ticket. then when i abandoned it to try and restart it and now the mission is no longer there by the vendor.