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[Game Event] Miroir Tundra Ice Fishing Festival


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Miroir Tundra Ice Fishing Festival
(January, 14th - January, 27th, 2020)
(February, 16th - March, 1st, 2021)

It's cold outside, but weather is not a hindrance to fishing! Visit Miroir Tundra to test your fishing skills and get some cool rewards.​
Festival worldgate in Austera, Marianople, or the Diamond Shores will help you reach the festival place faster. During the festival period, Miroir Tundra will be placed into Festival Law – no PvP is allowed there.​

Talk to the Fisherman Hans and craft a special Wrapped Ice Fishing Rod at the Ice Fishing Workbench right after. You'll need 5 Lumber and 10 Labor for it.


Building the rod each day also offers an Ice Fishing Festival Chest, which allows you to assemble a new book, "Through The Miroir Glass", or grab an additional Ice Fishing Coin.
The timer will start once you’ve unwrapped the Fishing Rod. Grab it to complete the next quest from Hans and catch some special event fish!


Other Festival Keepers also need your help. Legendary Fisherman Deckard will ask you to bring him 20 Iron Ingots and Fisherman Rohen will need your help with feeding hungry Blizzard Cubs​
And don't miss the visit of Igloo Guide Lazia who will visit the festival several times a day at 2pm, 6pm, 10pm and 2 am server time and ask for your help with building an igloo.​
Complete the quests of the Festival Keepers and they will reward you with Ice Fishing Coins

Use Festival Exchanger nearby to exchange Ice Fishing Coins to various rewards.


List of rewards:

Through the Miroir Glass
Crest Fish Lantern
Crest Goldfish Lantern
Crest Goldfish Heater
Crest Fish Kite
Goldfish Lantern
Pink Marlin Weapon Crate
Enchanted Loot Scooper
Winter Worker's Scroll
Ice Warrior's Heart
Frosty Farmer's Flask
Pirate's Token​
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