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[Game Event] Pawesome Festival


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(September, 20th - October, 3rd, 2022)

Visit Skyfang in Windscour Savannah to join the festival.
For reaching the festival area fast, Festival Worldgates will be opened in the capitals.

You need to save and grow little cuties - newborn little animals (kittens, puppies, yattas and deer).
Every day you will be able to shelter one of 8 different animals that will become your best friends and will bring comfort in your house!


You will have a chance to take care of the following animals and grow them to be your housepets
(quests "A Kindly Caretaker" (daily) & "Frail Housepet" (daily)):
Young Gray Tabby Housepet.png

Young Gray Tabby Housepet
Young Calico Housepet.png

Young Calico Housepet
Young Orange Tabby Housepet.png

Young Orange Tabby Housepet
Young Seal-Point Housepet.png

Young Seal-Point Housepet
Young Black Cat Housepet.png

Young Black Cat Housepet
Young Puppy Housepet.png

Young Puppy Housepet
Young Yata Calf Housepet.png

Young Yata Calf Housepet
Young Elk Calf Housepet.png

Young Elk Calf Housepet

Also, assist with growing Welsh Corgi for the quest "Newborn Welsh Corgi" and receive Welsh Corgi housepet.
Complete achievements to receive
Welsh Corgi Pup.png
Welsh Corgi Pup to grow a pet and a housepet.
Welsh Corgi Pup can grow into: Inbread Corgi, Pirate Corgi, Pilot Corgi or Welsh Corgi.


Achievements can be found in General --> Seasonal --> Spring

Tarkir and Sarar will also visit the festival to provide you with the quest "Animal Placement Program" (repeatable).
They will visit a festival 3 times a day - 2pm, 7pm, 2am.


Try the delicious food on the Fest and receive a buff that increases Evasion +3% and Attack Speed +4% within 1 hour!


Complete the Festival quests and receive Pawesome coins

They can be exchanged to the following at the Festival Exchanger:

Tufted Pet Tower
Cozy Pet Bed
Collectible Cutout Box
Playful Pet Cushion
Pet Leash
Wooden Pet Bed
Yata Flute
Decorative Yata Flute
Small Crest Yata Plushie
Crest Yata Plushie
Large Crest Yata Plushie
Small Owl Plushie
Owl Plushie
Large Owl Plushie
Beastmaster Token *
Pirate's Token
Hermit's Heart **

* Beastmaster title increases Husbandry +5000 and Stamina +10.
** "Hermit's Heart" is a Cuirass piece from Hermit's Costume.

Hermit's Costume.png

On the picture is a full Hermit's costume set. From this event you can obtain Cuirass only - Hermit's Heart.
Other pieces of the costume will be available in different events.


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Info about the materials you need to grow a housepet/pet



Welsh Corgi Pup can grow into:
- housepet (quest "Newborn Welsh Corgi"). Materials: Leather (50), Milk(150), Pearl(30).
- pet (achievement "An Unexpected Greeting"). Materials: Glossy Feather(100), Paper(50), Blank Regrade Scroll(3).
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