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[Game Event Results] Gladiator Death Match Results March 31th 2024


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"What’s in the air… spring? No, that’s a feeling of approaching battle.
This world is full of amazing knights and warriors waiting for their moment to show their courage and valiance. Are you one of them? Can’t wait for a moment to show your talents and stretch your muscles?" Don’t waste your time and participate in one of the Sunday Gladiator Death Match Tournaments.

Thanks to all who came in to participate and watch the gladiator's event. We will improve the event better and better each time we run it, so I ask the players to be patient about it! Invite your friends. Congrats to this weekend winners:

Winners for 5v5 arena (Non-Equalized):

1st: Purple Cliku Baoslave Brogurt Blee (Titles Unlocked: Delta Troop and Fearless)
2nd: Hazardy Remains Insanity Death Lalabella (Titles Unlocked: Fearless)
3rd: Toje Spicycarrot Gamingdol Thefacetank John (Titles Unlocked: None)

Congrats to all the winners! See everyone next weekend!