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Game starting to feel unfun and crappy


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1: Too much economic interference from fucking cash boxes like the LUNARITES WHICH DROPS FROM COINPURSES.
2: Mandatory PVP items/equips like ravenspine glider/collection breather/pvp deers is being made exclusive and only releases every few months. Why? So that people who like to pvp can help you exponentially increase your revenue?
3:Events are long and shitty. are supposed to feel FUN, not TEDIOUS.
4: why hasnt there been a follow-up on the trade system? Why couldn't it be like before when the % resets often? This helps NEW PEOPLE cope with gearing up and trying out new things in-game. At least be lenient with that ffs.
5: Why can't you guys introduce GOOD events ? Even trion had a good one back then and it was sunken chest hunting where you could get goodies and shit. Here you force us onto the sea for the tiny hope of c200 which I haven't even seen anyone get it since it was introduced.

Well guys time to jump on me now my rant is finished.
I use to have the same mindset about the rng boxes messing up the economy. It's fine. You just have to play around them and go for the long run. Lunarites in boxes? Time to stock up on them while they're cheap and flip them the following week if they're not in next rotation.


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It has been in most of the rotations after 3.5 rolled out. I was assuming they were going to replace the old ways of obtaining lunarites since it dropped alot. The metallic crates are also helping with that so putting those lunarites in the boxes made absolutely no sense to me. Even the nerf of the trade system puzzled me. Why merge them then nerf them when cargos are exclusive packs which only really helps someone who can either spend a huge amount of time checking or someone who uses 2nd accounts to monitor such things? It just feels like they are becoming more like trion and less like who they said they were when this released.


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-The boxes are a bit too filled up with stuff, it definitely can cause problems for people who try to hold onto niche markets.
-The items aren't THAT bad aside from the Ravenspine being implemented when the player base clearly said we didn't want it in anything resembling its natural form, and the admins who clearly don't play this game put it in anyway.
-Events can't be too easy because then strong groups can lock out content from others in their own faction.
-What do you mean by a "follow-up" on the trade system?


The boxes are good as they are , is preventing some ppl from monopolizing the market with some certain items like lunarites, also is keping them at a resonable price


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Collection breathers gives a 30% boost and merches reaching near 20m/s isn't bad? A full merchant goes at 11-14ms and judging by the looks of it, there are many bored and rich high gs players waiting out there in the sea for the 4-6k players. Even if you brought 5 people along with you, it doesn't really matter as the gear disparity is too much. The deers can go up to 20ms with quickstep and other mounts cannot compare to this. This is my perspective on the pvp-related box items.

As for the events, I don't think anyone could lock down on a sunken chest hunting event as its spread out all over the sea. Wouldn't really be a bad idea to have something rewarding and fun happen for once. The follow-up that I mentioned was that the initial cargo fix was bs and they need to do something about it. Literally only the people who has alts to oversee the price does it and the former trade system has been turned into garbage because of the reset/recover rate. Earning 150-250g per hour just to blow it up in 3hours or saving for freighter/car/etc just to make money puts people really far behind the game.