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Factions can occupy territories in the Auroria continent through claiming / Siege.​
The following Auroria territories are available for claim:​

  • Marcala
  • Heedmar
  • Calmlands
  • Nuimari

Claim Territory
Unoccupied territories can be claimed every Wednesday from 8:00PM to 9:00PM server time.
One of the following areas: Marcala, Heedmar, Calmlands, and Nuimari can be claimed every week.​
  • Occupied territory will go under siege instead.​
  • Territory activities can be done if the faction occuies the territory until it goes under siege again after 4 weeks.​
  • The territory where the Claim Territory or Siege will take place can be checked at Community > Faction > Siege Info.​

Purifying Archeum


  • Heroes of the Nuian or Haranya can create Purifying Archeum and use it for Claim Territory.​
  • Nuian and Haranya factions can craft Purifying Archeum: Nuia and Purifying Archeum: Haranya respectfully.​
  • Pirates cannot craft Purifying Archeum.​
  • Purifying Archeum can be crafted from 8PM for an hour at Purification Monolith with no quantity limit.​
  • You cannot craft or pick up the Purifying Archeum of the other faction.​

  • Purifying Archeum can only be used for Claim Territory for 1 hour after crafting.​
  • Carrying Purifying Archeum will prohibit all skills but the "Purifying Archeum Explosion". Hence a help from faction members are a must.​

Territory Fortification
Heroes can build and improve the facilities of their territory.​
  • Facilities: Guardian Altar, Territory Farm, Territory Outpost, Territory Workshop, Territory Warehouse.​
  • After Activating Guardian Altar: Territory Oasis, Personal Depot, Multipurpose Workbench, Wyvern Stand, Cannon Distribution Station.​
  • Castle walls, castle gates, and castle towers can be constructed.​

Territory Construction
  • Design can be purchased from the Territory Representative at the Archeum Lodestone using Blue Salt Bond.​
  • Construction requires Basic Construction Materials.
    The materials can be supplied from the Faction Base by the shore until the Guardian Altar is available.
    Once the Guardian Altar is complete, the materials can be supplied at the Territory Multipurpose Workbench near the Archeum Lodestone.​
  • Participating in the construction will reward Contribution and Honor points.​

Guardian Altar


Heroes can activate facilities using Pay Respect skill at Guardian Altar.
Pay Respect skill: Pay respect at the Guardian Altar to active Territory Facilities. Only Faction Heroes can use this skill.
This facility is required for use of Territory Oasis, Mobilization Order, Faction Enhancement, Storage Chest, Workbench, Wyvern Stand, and Cannon Distribution Station.​

Guardian Altar Faction Flag


Once Pay Respect skill activates the Guardian Altar, you can use the faction flag which can be found besides the statue.
Activated Faction Flag gives the Faction enhancement effect for 3 days and allows the hero to use the Mobilization Order.​

Territory Farm


A facility that produces resources for the Territory activities.

Territory Farm activity
  1. Resource Specialist​
  • Hero can pay respect to the land at the Resource Flag with a Prosperous Pack from the Resource Specialist. Paying respect will reveal the hidden resources and activate the Prosperous Mine Area​
  • The Prosperous Mine Area can be used by faction members.​
2. Farm Manager: Daily Quest​


Quest in Nuimari and Heedmar requires you to "Collect and deliver Auroria Mineral Water Pack".
Quest in Marcala, Calmlands requires you to "Collect and deliver Smoldering Log Bundle".
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