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High ping class (Abolisher? Doomlord?)


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Heya, I'm a returning player on the server. Unfortunately I'm from South America, so my ping is always ranging between 200-400ms.

I always got recommended an Abolisher as a high ping user because it wasn't ping dependant (archery) and it wasn't squishy (sorcery). I'm just wondering if this is still the case in the server given that class balance is not the same as in the official servers, and some other classes may offer the same tankiness with more damage or cc (I've seen Doomlord pop up in some threads).

Whatever the case, some guidelines as to what skills to pick up or what stats should I go for on Hiram gear would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!


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You can make any class work with high ping. Just reaction classes like archers and mages are more difficult. But if you want a full out tank id recommend skullknight or nightcloak. You don't need defense to be tanky(although it helps when you re starting out). Play whatever you like.

Hiram gear opinions differ, but if you re going tank try to get stam and toughness on pieces. For the 3rd stat, i as a plate user would go received magic dmg reduction. If you go cloth go for ranged dmg reduction and melee dmg reduction.

Keep in mind these are my opinions and feel free to play or do whatever you want. It is a sandbox game. Just certain classes are easier to master and play.

Hope you have fun and don t burn yourself out.