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How to Tradepack in 5.0


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Trade system received several updates.​
You can find the details in our 5.3 patch notes (custom updates part) - [LINK]

What was changed?
  • Commerce proficiency level will now affect your turn in price and will become a multiplier to a trade pack cost. The higher your commerce proficiency – the higher your turn in price. At the max proficiency level the sell price is increased for more than twice.​
  • Packs affected: Specialties; Fellowship Specialty; Aged Salve, Cheese and Honey; Cargo Packs.​
  • If trade pack is turned in not by the person that crafted it, then multiplier will be an average between the commerce proficiency of the one who crafted the pack and the one who turned it in.​
  • Only packs crafted after 5.3 release will be affected.​
  • Cargo is now produced when you have a combination of 40 Specialties / 30 Fellowship Specialty / 20 Aged instead of 50/30/10 as it was before.​