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Server updates 12/8: Christmas Decor and other updates!

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Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you.

To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 12/8 at 7 am.
Duration time - 40 minutes.

List of updates:
  • Golden Wyverns previously obtained by Sovereigns can now be used if the player who has it is currently a hero and is a member of the guild owning the castle. (FYI. Temporary Golden Wyverns and Small Wyverns will also be possible to acquire by other players in the later game version).​
  • Great Hero Chest can now be also used to exchange already chosen cloak to another type of Cloak of the Great Hero. Great Hero Chest can be found on the Heroes Alley. Cloaks of the Great Hero are available for the players who were heroes for 12 and more full months [LINK]
  • Fixed Crafting Request Board craft orders required labor bug. Though, craft would require less labor (in cases of labor reduction from the proficiency), system didn't allow to proceed with the craft until full labor amount is available.​
  • Fixed a bug when some of the old Dyes, Pigments and Color Reset Potion couldn't be exchanged to the Dye Ticket.​
  • In-game boutique updated [LINK]
  • Christmas Decor and Costumes are added [LINK]
  • Loyalty shop changes [LINK]
  • Merit shop changes [LINK]
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