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Server updates 7/23: Sheet Music and Artistry Composition, Ode to Recovery, Arenas changes and more!


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@Aviendha We were not able to reproduce this bug on our side. Due to it, that is possible glitch happened on your side. Try to restart the game and repeat same actions.
If issue remains, please record a short video, with the steps you complete that are causing a bug. We’ll then try to reproduce that bug on our side. That will help us to understand the root of the issue and the ways that can have it fixed.
I recreated the problem with a song less than 4k characters, but more than 3k characters, the video is here.

Seems it happens with editing a song that is longer than the original max amount of characters?


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oh I was able to reproduce the problem @Sparkle

paste the following into a music sheet then scroll to the bottom

then go to the a on the second to last line and just hold a button down (like b) once the 'b's run off the line it will delete the bottom lines of a.

To avoid this bug do not export the carriage return character into the music sheets.

Its caused by a line limit in the UI, if you go over it by inserting earlier in the page it will delete the last line if you exceed it.

Interesting when I trigger this bug it seems to totally screw up the UI and you have to exit and reenter to get the proper 4k limit.

Edit: Line limit seems to be 69. (insert joke here).
Thanks for the help Delarme! Funny how I don't have this error if I don't need to edit the code.

Edit: Nvm, I found out editing the song in a text editing program,and then pasting it back in, didn't do anything to prevent the bugginess, check the video here.
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This is a great update. When do you think you guys are going to increase the famed sheet music to 5000 to match retail? (I'm just curious) @Sparkle
Famed Music Paper is a completely new item that is added to the game in the later version. It doesn't exist in the current game version. Will be added here as well with that game version.

@Delarme It seems you are right.
@Aviendha We'll check if it's possible to make some changes to avoid it.


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The clubhead spore bundle doesnt appear on the farmers workstation of an upgraded 16x16 (improved scarecrow farm), but only on the credit 8x8's


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Now to wish for my dream item, an item that syncs up everyones queued sheets in a party and plays them all at once ;).
This is the best idea by far on this thread!
this is definitely a +1.. plz bring it :)

this will finally let us be able use the drum not only for deco