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    [Forum Event] House of My Dream

    Do you want to show your house in an unique way? I can create 360° panoramas & Virtual Tours of in-game houses for anybody interested - either for this event or in general. Check this topic for more details or this...
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    ArcheRage in 360°

    Two 360° panoramas created for the guild "Fortitude" right after their succesful siege on Nuimari Castle: - guild photo in Nuimari Castle; - guild photo in "Yorland Theater" in Austera. Do you also want to order a unique guild photo or...
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    [Forum Event] Nature Hunters

    IGN: Lynx Title: Peony farm
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    [Game event] Magic Lamps

    I don't know if the info is correct but most likely the pet is: and he looks like that: BUT it's not 100% confirmed info until somebody from ArcheRage team say it's true. Do we really need to kill 80 Serp bosses for one pet and 50 Greater dungeon bosses for one Divine dungeon weapon?
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    [Forum Event] Musical battle

    I see that not many people are interested in taking part as a band so I'll just leave my video here if you want some ideas how to do that: Before anybody asks - yes, I have recorded that 4 times with the same character in different clothes and with different instruments; no, I'm not taking...
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    How do you praise RNG?

    Does it work? I'm asking because I'm not sure which way is better - yours with plushies or my neighbor's: He had one goat there but it's open to public and... The goat died. So I planted couple potatos for him, to get potato magic working.
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    [Forum Event] Musical battle

    Can we use some old videos for solo entry or it has to be recorded on ArcheRage NA? I'm using the same nickname and I can change description of video to prove it's mine. I had 230k Artistry on Kyprosa and 180k on ArcheRage RU, getting to 230k artistry here would take... Well. All 230k Labor...
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    ArcheRage in 360° - Lutesong Harbor, Villanelle "Cherry Blossom Event" in 360°
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    [Forum Event] My funny ArcheRage!

    IGN: Lynx "Cuteness overload."
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    Loyalty system (Loyalty tokens obtain and purchases)

    You can make amazing changes here so why instead of punishing loyal players for your problems with cheaters/gold sellers/trion blocking normal donations won't you reward them for playing on the server? Lower that 100min by 10min down to max 50 min and add +1 up to max 5 loyalty tokens on last...
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    Save a Tree Day?

    That looks lovely! It reminds me of my Mistmerrow Forest
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    3.0 Updates: New Zones and changes

    Small preview of 3.0 locations - couple of my 360° screenshots from new zones (Ahnimar, Airin Rock and Warborn prolog) taken on official servers right after 3.0 launch: - Ahnimar Hoverbloom flowers pond: - Ahnimar Waterfalls: - Airin...
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    ArcheRage in 360° - Ardenia, White Arden "Ghost Wedding Festival" in 360°
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    [Game event] Ghost Wedding Festival - event location in 360°