3.0 Updates: Land and taxation

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  1. Sparkle

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    There were a few noticeable changes made in regards to land question:

    - The temporary scarecrow farm zones have been converted into public farms.

    - The taxation rate on land ownership has been increased for characters that own a large amount of property. Taxation rate, as previously, depends on the number of properties owned.
    • Characters owning 1-2 building - charged the base amount of tax per structure for a 0% increase.
    • Characters owning 3 buildings - charged 100% tax instead of 50%.
    • Characters owning 4 buildings - charged 150% tax instead of 100%.
    • Characters owning 5 buildings - charged 200% tax instead of 150%.
    • Characters owning 6 buildings - charged 250% tax instead of 200%.
    • Characters owning 7 buildings - charged 400% tax instead of 250%.
    • Characters owning 8-10 buildings - charged 500% tax instead of 300%, 350%, and 400% respectively.
  2. Venithar

    Venithar New Member

    Well, I would like to thank you for giving me a reason to quit this server. I worked for 3 months to gain the land I have, and because a bunch of people that don't want to work for land are crying they can't get land, you screw over people like me that did work for our land. Thank you admins for saving me money.
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  3. Kaladina

    Kaladina Active Member

    You realize even on the Live servers, 3.0 increased taxes on land by a lot, right? Were you expecting the Devs NOT to do that?
    You should have already known taxes were going to shoot up; after all, you had 3 months to prepare for it.
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  4. jrch2k10

    jrch2k10 Active Member

    great change thank the devs, was needed
  5. Venithar

    Venithar New Member

    1) I never played live 3.0
    2) The increase, from what I have been told was 30% (much different than these rates)
    3) My point still stands that the reason for the higher rates is because of people whining they couldn't find land. Land was easy to get, what was hard was getting land all in one spot.
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  6. jrch2k10

    jrch2k10 Active Member

    1.) ovbiously
    2.) live is 2 whole days to get 5k labor, it hitted like a truck there
    3.) the game is not meant to 1 guys have 20 plots and never was, even on live 8 was the top for barons because you kill the AH
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  7. Heat

    Heat New Member

    What are you talking about? Your land isn't going anywhere, it's just tax changes. It's the same changes that were in retail. If you have lunar/solar plots they don't count towards that final land count.
  8. jrch2k10

    jrch2k10 Active Member

    ohh yeah, is true i forgot those
  9. Kenlaen

    Kenlaen Member

    Will you also be making tax certs be part of a proficiency like they were on live?
  10. theleyline

    theleyline Member

    Do lunar and solar etc actually not count? I have 7 land including two of those and on my tax reminders it says i own 7 high tax buildings
  11. Rand

    Rand Member

    Increasing the labor costs won't do a single thing to the people logging in just to pay taxes. Until this week I've been barely logging in for the last two months and *still* had a pile of certs in my inventory that's only now down to 600. You're not going to solve the problem with labor increases unless you up it so much you hurt everyone else in the process.

    Live servers depended on people not paying their sub or taxes to lose their land. Here we have no sub and a dramatically increased labor generation. Your server purposefully disabled or straight-up handicapped the two game mechanics that were designed to force people from their land. Increasing labor costs only fights against the labor generation... And these are people that aren't spending their labor except on taxes.
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  12. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Lunar and solar do not count as high tax buildings. You would taxed at the rate of 5 properties in this case.
  13. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Yes this will be active
  14. Alliedturtlez

    Alliedturtlez New Member

    is the multiplier taking into account every type of farm,house,16x16. Like if i own 2 8x8s, 2 16x16s, and a house that counts as the 5 multiplier?
  15. Kalle801

    Kalle801 Member

    Will this be account wide or simply per charcater? cause per character will change nothing.
  16. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Taxes are always account wide
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  17. Kalle801

    Kalle801 Member

    Good to know.
  18. jrch2k10

    jrch2k10 Active Member

    People logging exclusively to pay taxes will not be much of a problem, they sooner than later will quit or will let some go once they actually wanna do something.

    In the land case there is no 100% solution neither here or on Trino or Korea or Russia, stop trying to fix 100% of the problem because is a lost cause. This measures are not meant to hurt that corner case land baron that only ever log once a week to pay his 20 plots because archeage have way more than 20 plots available, the point is to hurt everyone else with more than 6-8 plots and still wanna play the game because they control the 90% of the land that they expect to free for new players.

    This will also deter land hoarder/sellers because will be very hard for them to keep a profit while getting hammered with taxes outside starting to creating alt account while taking the risk of getting banned.

    TIP: if you buy a demo plot take a screen of the character selling, if the dude log another character to demo to actually demo the plot take another screenshot and send a ticket. Wink Wink, of course if it is the same character the owner all is fine.
  19. Fable

    Fable New Member

    Are we talking bound or unbound tax certs here or both? I haven't played 3.0 and reading this makes me think I will need some sort of proficiency to pay my taxes... can you please clarify what you mean by this? which proficiency and what proficiency level will be required?
  20. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Max construction will allow you to make tax certs that are unbound and you can sell to other players.
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