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Discussion in 'News' started by Sparkle, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member

    That is blatent fruad.
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  2. Trixiy

    Trixiy New Member

    I assume you are talking to me, it is not fraud if everyone knows that are donating that is is fraud
  3. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member

    that still makes it fraud, Just because everyone would know it's a lie doesn't make it any less of fraud. It's not going to happen
  4. Dizzylemon

    Dizzylemon New Member

    I wish we could patreon the money to you
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  5. cidgrad22

    cidgrad22 New Member

    @Trixiy the problem with your solution is that GoFundMe will advertise the post and then there will be people all over that are donating.

    On the contrary, why not set up a Kickstarter page? Though the server is not in a Kickstarter state it could be advertised as a temporary donation system. The page rules do not have anything forbidding this form of action. @Sparkle
  6. Epic

    Epic Active Member

    There is nothing wrong with the current systems in place
  7. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member

    The issue regarding donations is that any form of direct donation. Any, does not matter what source you go through Trion have it shut down. That is why only crypto based options are possible
  8. Epic

    Epic Active Member

    Seeing that Trion is no longer existent, I'm sure you cause could attempt a solution again. I doubt Gamingo would have any knowledge of what's going on here, and I'm sure XL Games, is browsing the market for a different publisher than Gamingo.
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  9. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member

    That all depends entirely on how Gamingo pursue from here on and whether the contract for them is even renewed in December
  10. Trixiy

    Trixiy New Member

    Except the fact it is a very round about way and alot of people will/do not trust or nor want to go through so many hoops to make a donation. The easier the better for the major poulation.
  11. Hideyowaifus

    Hideyowaifus Active Member

    negotations with xlgames r going sour there are big chances that retail might shutdown within the next week or two if that happens i assume an easier donation system might then be possible
  12. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    As soon as any possibilities of another donation system appear, we'll make sure to inform players.
    We are following on the situation, but right now, no confirmations or promises can be provided from our side.
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