[Game Event] Hasla Zombie Apocalypse

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. oZioNA

    oZioNA Member

    Loving the event, more pvp is always great. I still can't believe it was pulled off so smoothly with limited downtime.
  2. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Thank you very much the team put a lot of effort into this event to give some life and reason to PVP and go to Halsa, all for the communities enjoyment.
  3. elfghost

    elfghost New Member

    okay so i saw the message pop up but I don't see any rift clouds appear. are there certain spots that this happens and if so can we get like a map or an idea of where it happens
  4. Disrep

    Disrep Active Member

    I'm putting together a quick map. I'll have it up tonight or tomorrow, I just wanna make sure all spawns are covered
  5. rbb138

    rbb138 New Member

    Actual custom game development? holy shit there is hope
  6. its recycled cr. Edit: that sounded extremely ungrateful, it is cr basically but yes its cool that the devs are willing to do stuff like this just the community asked for it.
  7. Isba

    Isba New Member

    Yes PvP is always great but 0 Nuians and 0 Pirates. Dead event, you need to change something (PvP Quest 1000 honor + sealstones, nerf mobs and bosses, ...). Or rework completely the event : remove rift and make perma mobs like old hasla.
  8. Kaladina

    Kaladina Active Member

    I honestly haven't gone back to Hasla to do the event since the first two rifts on the first day it was released.

    It needs a lot of tweaking in order to be worth it.
  9. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Starting from May, 8th Hasla Zombie Apocalypse in-game event is going to be changed. You'll see the following changes:

    1. Now instead of 8 rifts quantity is changed to 3.

    - 1 rift (7 pm) is an easier one for new players. It includes weak mobs and only 1 boss at the end. Stranger's Sealstones these mobs drop will help players to craft Hasla weapon very easy. Other types of Sealstones will not drop from this rift monsters.
    - 2 other rifts (9 pm) are for old players. They start simultaneously. Mobs are weaker than previously. They drop Evil, Bloody, Venom and Dark Sealstones. Significantly increased the quantity of dropped from monsters Sealstones.

    2. Time of event (one rift) is reduced from 1 hour to 30 mins.

    3. Separate craft Workbench with weapon for Strangers (new players) is added.

    4. In main ctaft Workbench (trade section) added:
    • Red Coral - 5 Dark Sealstones
    • Green Coral - 5 Dark Sealstones
    • Antler Coral - 5 Dark Sealstones
    • Yellow Coral - 5 Evil Sealstones
    • Orange Coral - 5 Evil Sealstones
    • White Coral - 5 Venom Sealstones
    • Blue Coral - 5 Venom Sealstones
    • Armor Regrade Scroll - 3 Dark Sealstones
    • Weapon Regrade Scroll - 3 Venom Sealstones
    • Accessory Regrade Scroll - 2 Evil Sealstones
    • Metallic Auroran Crate - 10 Evil Sealstones
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  10. Tranquil

    Tranquil New Member

    Any chance of having a map of potential spawn locations?
  11. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Rifts locations:

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  12. ichizu

    ichizu New Member

    Bit of feedback about 7pm one: 1st rift 1st phase seem ok, can easily be done without gear but require some gimmick with pulling and resetting because more often than enough you pull over 8 mobs and they all get -90% damage done debuff, idk who test this events but since the first rift is made to catch up in weapon its still very overtuned ( is not like there is any incentive to people to group up and do it, please balance it around parties of 2-3 people max )

    after 1st phase is cleared it will spawn the same mobs from before the rework, elite soldiers and mages that hit for a fuckton and ofc spawn all stacked up, again i'm not sure who tested this but imo this is really stupid unbalanced considering this is the "newbie" rift. Also when second phase starts the timer gets fucked up and delay the end of the rift. Again it seems like it was balanced around a small raid of people doing it or 2-3 players already geared which again makes no sense since they have 0 reason to come and help.
  13. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    @ichizu The event is currently being monitored and will continue to be monitored while it receives tweaking.
    I myself personally monitor it ingame
  14. illusia

    illusia Member

    @Sjinderson @Sparkle @IronLady
    after putting some time into farming these scrolls i feel like the negative effects they have on other sources of regrade scrolls is far too high. the quantity of scrolls you can make in very small amounts of labor from clearing a rift far exceeds the effort, labor and time investment via farming in auroria.

    farming scrolls in auroria means you need to invest in:

    buying/obtaining the brazier
    time investment finding available logs and moving said logs to your property
    spending labor to chop the log
    spending labor to identify/harvest the sun/moon/starpoint
    buying/creating the blank regrade scroll
    crafting the scroll itself

    farming scrolls via the hasla rift means you need to invest in:

    30-60 minutes of killing mobs
    5 (base) labor per complete regrade scroll

    this effectively bypasses 6 different sources of income for players on the server.
    Larceny (braziers)
    Fishing (fish to produce dawn lake light essence)
    Alchemy (dawn lake light essence, identifying braziers)
    Logging (logs)
    Carpentry (lumber)
    Printing (paper + blank regrades + the final regrade scroll)

    also, at current market prices there's no reason to craft the lucky scrolls as the normal scrolls yield much more profit than crafting the resplendent, and require much less effort to craft than the unbound resplendents.

    i believe that at a very minimum the labor cost as well as the materials required should be increased so that logs in auroria remain a viable way to generate income.

    if you'd like i can post the data i have collected on the number of regrade scrolls we were able to obtain by clearing both rifts over the course of 3 days.
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  15. Ariess

    Ariess Well-Known Member Staff Member Elder

    Go ahead and post it please
  16. illusia

    illusia Member


    day 1 only consisted of clearing one rift, day 2-4 was both rifts

    these numbers also exclude killing the bosses, which we deemed as a complete waste of time as they were not possible to kill with our group of 4 people in the allotted time. we managed to kill one with a larger group but 25 of each type of stone didn't seem worth the time/group investment
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  17. Sjinderson

    Sjinderson Active Member Staff Member Technical Assistant

    @illusia Did you encounter interference from other players, or was this solely from being able to farm without other players causing disruption?
  18. illusia

    illusia Member

    there were other people attempting to farm in the area 3/4 of the days, but whether or not other groups are there isn't really the problem.. it's still bringing this many scrolls into the market every day at far less investment than any other source of regrades
  19. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Event is 30 mins long only. Scrolls are not the only items that Sealstones can be exchanged to so no sense to convert stones you can get from the event to scrolls only. Event was made for the bigger quantity of players to attend than just 4-8.
    More players attend the event less stones will go one hands.
    Players asked for more ways to obtain some of the items in game. This option was provided to players. Again, its a limited time event with limited number of resorces you can receive from it. Other activities in game, like fishing, Auroria and so on are not limited in time daily, so it's wrong to compare them.
    In case event is not popular and turns in just a few players free farm, it will be removed.
  20. illusia

    illusia Member

    why would anyone exchange stones for coral polyps when weapon and armor regrades give by far the biggest profit per stone? you could buy 3 coral polyps or one regrade scroll, sell the regrade scroll and buy 100 fully grown coral instead

    also, the event isn't 30 minutes long, each wave lasts 30 minutes. if you don't kill the first wave within 30 minutes, the rift will despawn BUT if you kill the first wave in 29 minutes and 59 seconds, the second wave spawns and gives you another 30 minutes to finish it. it's exactly the same as the mechanic CR uses.

    it doesn't matter if you have one person farming or 100 people farming, the problem is how many regrade scrolls are entering the market, not how many one player gets. it's not wrong to compare them because introducing more supply to the economy without more demand means that other methods of producing these items will suffer

    just look for yourself

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