[Game event] Winter Maiden Festival !!!

Discussion in 'In-game & Forum Events' started by Sparkle, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. stronghart

    stronghart Member

    If you do this change to a character, everycharacter will receive the buff, and the Lunarite market will implode for months because of that.
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  2. Zenjirr

    Zenjirr Active Member

    considering how easy it was to find him in autumn festival, winter maiden.... didnt find him anywhere.... friend - same deal... no idea where he's spawning.... tried the roofs, the buildings, near trees... nowhere to be seen in austera
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  3. xkf2

    xkf2 Active Member

    Just because many players found "bards" today doesn't mean anything for the experience of others.
    I personally have scoured both cities for hours with no luck finding the NPC at all.

    I think like your system says the bard is indeed spawning, but, his respawn timer is very very very long in each location. This means that though there MAY be 11 spots in each city, very few people can find and interact with him all, effectively locking others out for the duration of the timer.

    So yes, on the logs side, yes it may seem like many players found bards, but, the reported experience is that not many people are.

    Comparing to the other events like Autumn Festival or the Rookborne Rum Runner Rapids where the bard was in multiple locations and respawned quite quickly, he seems very slow here T_T
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  4. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    well i didnt feel forced to do it, i thought it was me being smart XD and event lasting 30 days, the amount of lunarite etc i get now its gonna be very decent by the end of it ^-^ but thats my perspective on it, sorry that you look at it differently ;-)
  5. rippington

    rippington Member

    I killed the birds by Windscour lake, easy kills, got all the different drops.
  6. Roxiee

    Roxiee Member

    What level are you tho? I'm 55 so i don't know if those are high enough for me to get them off of. I finally managed to get some from DS in between getting farmed. It took me a while but finally got them all lol
  7. vulgrr

    vulgrr Active Member

    It won't, though. The cost of gems vs lunarite output is extremely high. And given the low ish rate of lunarite drops from the event anyway, it doesn't really matter.

    At most the cost of the market might go down for like a week. Two tops. Lunarite leaves the market almost as fast as it sshows up
  8. Draeoni

    Draeoni New Member

    It's good to know that they are spawning. The problem is the rate at which they are spawning. You can't interact with a bard for 30 minutes after you've found one anyways. If possible, could you cut the time they respawn in half? At this rate, I don't think anybody is going to find 7 of them before this event is over therefore negating the possibility of anybody getting the achievement.
    If it's not possible to reduce the time, is it possible just to add the instrument to the festival gift exchanger? Even if it's like 120 tokens since this event goes all month, it at least makes it more realistic to obtain through the exchanger than through the achievement of finding 7 bards.

    We are quite a few days into this, and multiple people who've spent literal hours looking for them have not seen a single one. I think the music community of this server would appreciate it if at least something is done to make it more achievable.
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  9. Lasreaine

    Lasreaine New Member

    I keep checking Austera for hours, only tried wandering around Marionople one hourish. No luck yet, but I'll keep hunting. I've checked all the buildings I've found access to, towers that have bushes and holes you can get stuck in, all the rooftops, the music hall, etc. If I find any, I'll try to remember to screencap the location. We could try to make our own map!
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  10. rippington

    rippington Member

    i am level 55.
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  11. Aering

    Aering Member

    look hes playing Jesus

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  12. Roxiee

    Roxiee Member

    You're awesome! Got them in 30 minutes. Those were so much more convenient! Thanks!
  13. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We'll cut respawn time on bards 3 times with restart. Will see if it will help more people to find them.
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  14. Aering

    Aering Member

    well atm theres like 6 bards in gweonid lakeside
  15. stronghart

    stronghart Member

    We need another bards, the ones that Spawn in Marianople and Austera. (only inside cities, not in whole map).
  16. Aviendha

    Aviendha Active Member

    hope it helps! its been a week and ive seen nothing :c
  17. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    A week of the Fest has passed so posting the bards possible spawn points now per the requests. Good luck!

    bard1.jpg bard2.jpg
  18. AkariuTamokiy

    AkariuTamokiy New Member

    So did someone found now any bards? I searched every point (Marianople) but none.
    Did you really check ingame that they really spawn, Sparkle? I ask of this because I had found a week ago a forums post on the official archeage forums and there seems to be the same problem. it was 2 years ago so I guess there was even 3.5 running at the time. Also there was one who said that in Falcorth were some bards that give you still the Flamesinger. Kinda the same what Claude in Discord postet, it is really weird.
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  19. Sparkle

    Sparkle Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Yes, they spawn and players found them, I already said it before. Somebody even confirm it in Discord yesterday.
    Other bards related to other festivals were removed from the game with server restart on Tuesday not to confuse players. You may be referring to them. Some bards can still be found in other locations, but that are permanent bards that are always in game. You can ignore them. You only need Winter Maiden Bard.
  20. AkariuTamokiy

    AkariuTamokiy New Member

    When do they actually respawn? 1h or so when found one or does one respawn immediately after someone found one?

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