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Alternative way to get Archmage Manastone please? <3


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Would it be possible to make it so we have an alternative way to earn Archmage Manastones from the Library? Before the 2.9 patch, the way of getting these 4 Manastones needed for upgrading the Library earring was to purchase and complete 10 Bounty quests for the 3 floors as well as an additional "Kill any library monster", but those were removed in the 2.9 patch (because of their gold reward, I assume) and replaced with a cost of 500 Gilda Stars each. Would there be some way to bring back the Bounty quests similar to pre-2.9, but just remove the gold rewards they gave? I'm sure anyone interested in upgrading the earring would have no problems grinding out thousands of enemies as an alternative to suffering through farming up 2,000 Gilda Stars.
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