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Events Schedule 5.3

So for reference (since I'm from Europe)

I believe 2pm of server time was like 7-8pm for me (depending on time change)

IMO first dragon time is kinda ok because even if it's kind of evening time, people will have change to join do it (but at cost of other grinds

Adding one earlier would be beneficial for both european and asian players, don't know if between 10 am - 1 pm would be good for both sides, I would need to hear all other opinions

Earlier might be good only for EU players that don't work or work from home but I would need opinion from other EU players due to timezones
Time of the events was set yesterday, based on the feedbacks provided by the players during the week. You can find time of the events in 5.3 Patch Notes.
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It's not a collection system