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[Forum Event] Advertise With Us!


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Do you love our server and want to support it and get more people to join it? Participate in our advertising event and invite new players or players who used to play here to our server.
You advertise - we reward!

There are just a few steps you need to complete:
  1. Post banner you see below on any gaming platform or public gaming discord + add a few words from yourself there.​
  2. Screenshot.​
  3. Post your screenshot together with your IGN here.​



  • If you post in several different places - create separate post in this thread. More times you advertise - more credits you can be rewarded with! Same player can participate multiple times!​
  • Don't post more than 2 videos a week. We prefer quality over quality. Also don't post old videos! Post only something you just recorded and uploaded.​
  • Video length: 3-20 mins. For stream can be much longer.​
  • If you have a better way (more effective) to advertise our server then the one offered above - do it and post your screenshot (video) here as well!​
Every week we'll reward players for video advertising 2000+ credits (server name and link should be mentioned in it) and advertising posts 250-1000 credits (based on the usefulness of the platform you use and if it's a repeating post on the same platform).
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This is Baidu Post Bar“百度贴吧”,Maybe you need some VPN to open it
The first is the promotional video produced some time ago, and the second is the concert founded by the music club tickets obtained from the staff
As of April 10, it had received 4372 and 4396 broadcasts, respectively
Maybe it's been too long. Only a few hundred exposures have been added in a month

This is a link:https://jump2.bdimg.com/p/7746659041
and https://jump2.bdimg.com/p/7643624800?pid=142389125896&cid=0#142389125896
This is tiktok.I didn't spend money on promotion for it, only poor 243 playback:mad:

I just released it a few days ago
I hope to meet the requirements of the activity


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