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[Forum Event] Easter Eggs Hunter (handmade contest)

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Egg Hunter.png

When you hear the word Easter, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Celebration, Family meals, Easter bunny, Easter egg decoration.
Painting Easter eggs is fun and easy to do and this event will be about it!

Task and Requirements:
  • Decorate 3-10 eggs. It should be your own unique handmade work.​
  • Material for eggs can be: real eggs, handmade eggs of the bigger size.​
  • Eggs should be ArcheRage themed.​
  • 3-5 photos: 1-3 photos of the finished eggs; 2 photos of the work on item in progress.​
  • Important! Main photo with the finished eggs + words "ArcheRage Easter 2023" and your IGN can be posted as it is. The remaining photos should be hidden under the spoiler.​

1st place
4000 credits + title "Easter Bunny" (no stats) + Rousing Rabbit Pajama or Hereafter Hoppington (wrapped, winner's choice)​
Rousing Rabbit Pajama.jpg
Hereafter Hoppington.png
2nd place3500 credits + title "Easter Bunny" (no stats) + Rabbit Queen Suit
Rabbit Queen Suit.png
3rd place3000 credits + title "Easter Bunny" (no stats) + Harvest Rabbit Lamp
Harvest Rabbit Lamp.jpg
4th-5th place1000 credits + title "Easter Bunny" (no stats)

All event participants reward:
Title “Egg Hunter” - Increase Handicraft +3000; Movement speed +5%; Drop rate +5%; PvE damage +1%.

Last day of the event - April, 10th
IGN: Num
I’m allergic to eggs, so I was looking at working with artificial ones of some sort, but you can’t just toss a plastic egg into vat of dye. I was wandering how I would do this event when Giantpanda hopped on by, dressed in her hot pink, big head Rabbit Queen Suit. The idea started spinning out and this is what it became.

While I’m sure this isn’t quiet what you were thinking of when you said hand-decorated eggs, it does have more than 3 eggs hand decorated, as well as having eggs done 3 different ways. Even if you don’t accept it as a legal entry, I had so much fun making it I simply had to share.

This is the story of a Rabbit Queen coming to harvest her carrot bundles on her Eggy Weggy farm, only to find the little bunnies have been eating them.


My inspiration

Rabbit Queen is made from plastic eggs with clay limbs and fabric accessories.
Gudetamas are made of clay with fabric accessories, plastic egg bowl, cotton soup, and bamboo chopsticks.
Chocolate bunnies are of course chocolate. RIP the egg that fell and broke. Much more fun to clean up than raw egg.


One of the great joys of crafting in a house with pets is leaving something to dry over night and waking up to find it broken on the floor. Poor Rabbit Queen's arm suffered this fate.


After removing the shadows from the final picture, I realized the hand written card looked more photoshopped than taped to the wall, so I've included an earlier picture that I took when the card was tucked into the basket. Cuz Im neurotic like that.

IGN: Lapinn

I looooove rabbits and easter so I had to take part in this event! For anyone who doesn't speak french, my character Lapinn is named after the french word for rabbit too. So yeah, I spent way more time doing this than any sane person should have. It was fun though! Well, it was fun up until I thought I was finished and I tidied everything away before realising I hadn't included the "ArcheRage Event" sign and had to set all the stuff up again to take another photo. xD;

These are my painted easter eggs based on my 6 goals I have in ArcheRage at the moment - Cherry Treehouse, Raised Mushroom house, Coral mount, Fusciafin mount, Crystal Wings and a Timber Coupe.


What each egg is based on (all images except for my character snipped from google)


Crafty pics. Loved having an excuse to make something silly. And to have boiled eggs for lunch!


A variety of pics of the results. I really love my derpy lil fusciafin. It's my fave egg by far. Googly eyes make everything better. The only egg I'm not completely happy with is the car and that's just because I struggled to paint my dwarf. She looks like she's made of lego or something.


And that's a wrap on Easter 2023 I guess. I got my home mailbox and my pink and grey bunnies for my house in game so I'm super happy with those! Next year if the event happens again, I'll try for a brown bunny to add to my fluffle (a collective of rabbits)! n_n

Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy your tasty chocolate!
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Hey guys! Happy Easter!! Unfortunately my crafting table is covered in resin art at the moment so i had to do this on my countertop but hey we love to improvise!
So first up are the two mushrooms, those are resin molds and they're actually super fun to make!
i wanted to make mushrooms because the coolest thing housing wise iv seen sense i started playing last week were the mushroom houses.
I havent managed to get myself one yet but mushrooms are cool so i made sure they were included!
Unfortunately i dont have any egg shaped resin molds or bunnys so i couldnt make it any more Easter than including the eggs. Hopefully you like it!
IGN: Kuhlarity




I know they say You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs well apparently you cant make art contest entries either
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Mostly for proof of handmade-craftsmanship
individual photos should've been better, but weren't :c

Group entry
group entry.jpg

Daru light
daru light (2) copy.jpg




RD spawning
RD spawn.jpg


What I intended:
Red Dragon Spawn.png

PS. I had stragglers, they will remain unfinished :C:


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At Easter time I always have so much to do that I don't have time to check new game/forum events. I only saw that post today and really wanted to participate. Sadly I finished my Easter Eggs 2 days ago. So I did today last one, hoping that it will make requirements.


I am posting pictures of my Easter Eggs: few decorated using wax and then collored in stock of onion peel, 1 ribbon made egg, 1 using embroidery floss and 2 origami eggs. Green-white one I made just half hour ago after very fast run with it (normally I take me some time to do origami egg with no rush). It suppose to have AR logo collors and letter "A" for ArcheRage. Sadly "A" don't look how I wanted it to be. But at least I made it in time with people around me asking what I am doing insted of chatting with them 😅. And after I took pictures I only realised that I didn't include IGN. Wanted to get new picture but my family took wax made eggs and used them to "egg fight". So now I have picture with electronic added IGN, 4 finished inedible eggs and many broken eggs part to eat 🤣.

Finished eggs closer

Making process of green-white origami egg


Time to go back to time with family. See you all

Here's what I could muster up. Sorry I couldn't get eggs, they too expensive now so I went with chocolate eggs.

and I can't paint so here's a 3d pen.

Here's the final archeage related egg artwork, it's easter kraken raid
H A P P Y E A S T E R!

This was a little emotional for me because the last time I painted eggs was with my mother about 26 years ago. It brought back very vivid memories bringing out the water colors, and needling out the eggs so I could keep them forever. I tried my best to incorporate most of the creative methods I've learned throughout my life. Drawing, Vinyl cutting, Digital Art, and painting.

Because egg painting was taught to me by my family, I thought I should incorporate my in-game AR Family!
I made sure to make an egg dedicated to each of their favorite costumes, with some added hoverblooms and my favorite worldboss, the kraken!


1st place
- @VanillaDrizzle (IGN: Vanilladrizzle)
1 - Vanilladrizzle.jpeg

2nd place - @Lapinn (IGN: Lapinn)
2 - Lapinn.jpg

3rd place - @Caution (IGN: Caution)
3 - Caution.jpg

4th place - @nemnem (IGN: Num)
4 - Num.png

5th place - @heehaw (IGN: Heehoe)
5 - Heehoe.jpg

All event participants will receive a unique event title "Egg Hunter".

@VanillaDrizzle PM me in Contact Moderators or contact me in Discord with your reward choice.

All rewards will be mailed within 24 hours.

P.S. Thank you all for great Easter mood and atmosphere! Hope you enjoyed our little handmade contest ;)
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