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[Game Event] Fishing Tournament 2023

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Fishing Tournament
You love fishing, good at it and your friends have already heard many times your stories about the huge fish that you caught?!
Time to share your achievements and demonstrate your talent in fishing.

Join our Fishing Tournament and win credits, other prizes and become a well-known Avid Angler.

Tournament starts from the moment it's announced and competitors will have 14 days to catch a fish and turn it into a Trophy.

What should I do to participate?

Catch a fish that can be turned into a Trophy and visit a closest Fish Stand.


At a Fish Stand choose an option "Craft a sport fish into a decor item".


As soon as Trophy is ready, write words "ArcheRage Fishing Tournament" in the game chat and hover your mouse over the Trophy to show the details on its length, weight and capture date.
Screenshot it so game chat, trophy info and your character name would be seen on the screenshot.
For the tournament, you can use only fish caught by yourself!

During the tournament you can update your screenshots and change them to other with better results.
For example, weight of the fish you caught yesterday is 260 kg, but the next day you've got the one with some better length and weight of 305 kg. You can make a change and update a contest submission with a better result screenshot instead of a previous one.
Each participant can provide only 1 fish trophy for the event, so if you add a new one, make sure to remove a previous trophy result.

What will we pay attention to while choosing the winner?
1. Fish length (3 best results will get from 1 to 3 points).
2. Fish weight (3 best results will get from 1 to 3 points).
3. Capture date (depending on the capture date you can get from 1 to 3 points: 5/23-5/29 --> 3 points; 5/30-6/3 --> 2 points; 6/4-6/5 --> 1 point). In case of equal results, the date will play a priority role.
4. Write and send "ArcheRage Fishing Tournament" in the game chat when fish is turned into the trophy (it will provide you with 1 additional point).

Participants with 3 highest scores will become 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

1st place
- 3000 credits + title "Avid Angler"* + Gargoyle Guardian Wings (wrapped) + Fisher's Clipper (7 days)***
2nd place - 2500 credits + title "Avid Angler" + Phoenix Phish (wrapped) + Fisher's Clipper (7 days)
3rd place - 2000 credits + title "Avid Angler" + Lively White Sea Shark (decor) + Fisher's Clipper (7 days)

* Title "Avid Angler": Increases Fishing Proficiency +20.000; Swim speed +15%.
** If you already have that title from one of the previous tournaments, you can receive +500 credits bonus instead.
If you already have this title from the previous tournament, our congratulations, that means you are already a well-known skilled fisher and this win will just be a confirmation of your status.
Fisher's Clipper_1.jpg Fisher's Clipper_2.jpg
@ArcheRage Custom Clipper

Fisher's Clipper has basic set of equipment:
  • Caernord Zephyr Triangular Rig (Eternal)
  • Caernord Typhoon Rudder
  • Caernord Sea Serpent Propellant (Eternal)
  • Earth Edge Lantern
  • Poseidon's Shroudlight
  • Collection Breather
  • Typhoon Fish Finder
Fisher’s Clipper is for 7 days. Equipment can’t be changed.
Also on the clipper are 5 barrels of water (Water Tanks). You can store 1 fish in each.
There is also a Chum Bucket on the clipper – use it to buy Chum and craft Sport Fish Lure, Chum Bucket, Ground Fish Chum.
There is no room for repair on the clipper. The clipper is repaired automatically.
A skill has been added to the clipper for instant repair of 25-45% of the hull strength. Cooldown 60 sec.

Other participants will have a chance to win the following prizes (winner and prize will be chosen with a help of randomizer):
- 1000 credits
- 1000 credits
- 500 credits
- 500 credits
- Fisher's Clipper (7 days)
- Fisher's Clipper (7 days)
- Silver Leviathan Statue
- Auroran Navy Uniform
- Hot Tub
- Shark Watergun Weapon Crate
- Housepet: Blobby
- Small Inflatable Pool

FYI! There are no limits on the species of fish that can be used in this event. But, only regular sport fishing (fresh and salt water sport fishing) counts! Mirage Isle Fishing will not count towards the event.

Last day of the event – June, 5th
ArcheRage Fishing Submission

IGN : Apothica


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Just got my first fishing boat today with my login badges so I gave this event a go! This fish isn't big enough for me to place but I must admit, I'm enjoying fishing. Maybe if I can get lucky I can still catch a top 3 worthy fishy!
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