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[Game Event] Gladiators Death Match Tournament | April 21th 2024


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"What’s in the air… spring? No, that’s a feeling of approaching battle.
This world is full of amazing knights and warriors waiting for their moment to show their courage and valiance. Are you one of them? Can’t wait for a moment to show your talents and stretch your muscles?" Don’t waste your time, send your application and participate in one of the Sunday Gladiator Death Match Tournaments.

How to participate?

Be at Marianopole/Austera/Diamond Shores/Growlgate Island with your team (or solo), which will be 1v1/2v2/5v5 depending on the decision of the Event Managers in charge of the event, and take the portal that will Spawn 20 minutes before the event begins.
Picture of how the portal looks like:

When will Tournaments take place?

Sunday April 21th 2024
Time: 4:00 PM Server Time
Time frames of Tournament may be changed.**

Show up 20 minutes before the event start, so the Event Managers can organize the brackets and teams.

Maximum Participants in 1 league
: players/duos/teams Decided based on the participants number, minimum 8 (may be changed)

Rules/day/time and more info about the event, follow the
P.s.: Be in mind that rules/day/time can be changed by the organizer and based on participants' feedback.**
Get ready to the battle warriors… not that much time left!