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[Game Event] Hiram Farmer and the Beanstalk


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Hiram Farmer and the Beanstalk
(May, 4th – May, 10th, 2021)
(May, 16th - May, 29th, 2023)

Event info in Chinese [LINK]

To participate in the event visit Wonderland. Mirage-market appeared in Wonderland on Bubbling Glade.
To easier reach Mirage-market a worldgate to it appeared on the Wonderland main square. Find Mysterious Old Man there.


Daily, you can complete 4 quests.
To be able to start and complete the quests, pick up Mirage-market Invitation. You can find it in the left bottom corner of your screen.
Note, only 1 Invitation per account is available daily!

You will be rewarded for each completed quest, but main reward is waiting for you at the end for growing 3 Dried Magic Beans!
Magic Beans can be grown only on the own land. Grow your seed into a beanstalk and obtain reward for each mature Beanstalk.
If you are lucky, you can even get Manastorm Crystals and Beanstalk House!

Beanstalk House.png

Bean is growing for 3 minutes. If you don’t cut it, it will be gone in 24 hours.


Cut your mature beanstalk and pick up your treasures (3 types of items from the below list for each beanstalk treasure chest).


Full list of items, you may receive from the mature Beanstalk:
Manastorm Crystal
Wrapped Beanstalk House
Book of Auroria
Wild Ginseng
Tax Certificate
Honorable Victory Rank 5
Vocation Hastener Scroll
Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy
Combat Manual
Combat Scrolls: Attack
Superior Glow Lunarite
Lucky Quicksilver Tonic
Superior Worker's Compensation: 500 LP
Clear Synthium Shard
Sunlight Archeum Essence
Moonlight Archeum Essence
Starlight Archeum Essence
Lucky Sunpoint
Lucky Moonpoint
Lucky Starpoint
Draught of Forgiveness
Secret Gift
Bound Fishing Pond
Merit Badge
Bound Serendipity Stone Shard
Labor Reward: 500
Blue Salt Manual
Adventurer's Winged Elixir
Honor Boost Tonic
Loyalty Token 10-Pack
Crystal Honorable Potion
Diligent Worker's Scroll
Solar Temper Pack
Lesser Tempering Crystal Pack
Lunar Temper Pack
Combat Boost Scroll
Superior Combat Boost Scroll
Combat Scroll: Focus
Combat Scroll: Resilience
Combat Scroll: Toughness
Healing Grimoire
Combat Boost: Ward Grimoire
Greedy Grimoire​
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I just wanted to point out it is quite disappointing that even though we get 3 magic beans like in the original story Jack and the Beanstalk, we do not have to trade a cow to get them. You missed out on a good reference here.🙃
No, not yours :)
I can see Vellos House with the crests, books house behind that facing the tree house and the tree house was also mine with those flower beds on the first level. And it's in the exact same spot. It's probably your test server stuff, but still. I was excited. :/
- Event is moved to Wonderland
- Mirage-market appeared in Wonderland on Bubbling Glade
- Once a day players receive Mirage-market invitation
- To easier reach Mirage-market a worldgate to it appeared on the Wonderland main square