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[Game Event] Lunar Festival


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(February, 1st - February, 15th (6:00am), 2022)
(January, 10th - January, 23rd, 2023)
(January. 30th - February, 12th, 2024)

Visit Nascent Cliffs in Falcorth Plains and participate in the Lunar Festival.


To reach the festival area you can use festival gates located in the capitals – Austera, Marianople, Diamond Shores or Growlgate Isle.


Speak with our festival workers, complete their missions and receive Lunar Festival Coins
that can be exchanged in the Gift Exchanger nearby.


Lily, Shining Star will ask you to complete several missions that will require you shooting targets and dodging waterballoons and waterguns.


If you complete the quest “Balloons are needed to hit the target” within 3 minutes time frame a hidden quest will be waiting for you, so hurry up!

Helen will request you to light the lanterns. For it she will provide you with a special dragon.


And Sylvie will offer you to taste holiday treats. Festival food will provide you with some pleasant temporary bonuses.


And don’t forget to assist Jarys with searching for the gunpowder and launching fireworks.


Evil Spirit visits festival this year.

You will be required to scare the festival evil spirit with the fireworks and drive him away. Evil Spirit appears 3 times a day: at 9 am, 3 pm, and midnight.
To drive him away each player will receive 200 Fireworks. If not driven away, Evil Spirit will leave in 30 minutes.



List of Rewards:
Merit Badge
Loyalty Token
Gilda Star
Pirate's Token
Manastorm Crystal
Bound Tax Certificate
Lemon Soda
Orange Soda
Grape Soda
Rosy Springtime Pack
Sunny Springtime Pack
Sunset Springtime Pack
Scarlet Dreamwinder (30 days)
Dreamwinder (30 days)
Auto-Loot Powerstone (1 day)
Flaming Soulscar (30 days)
Tiny Treasure Taffy
Toy Lantern
Small Green Inn Entrance Sign
Large Green Inn Entrance Sign
Small Red Inn Entrance Sign
Medium Red Inn Entrance Sign
Large Red Inn Entrance Sign
Large Bamboo Streetlight
Large Double Bamboo Streetlight
Lucky New Year Activewear
Pure New Year Activewear
Lunar Festival Flag
Red Lunar Lantern
Blue Lunar Lantern
Yellow Lunar Lantern
Crouching Tiger Token
Rabbit Yuan Yuan's Token
Descendants Of The Dragon Token​
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Hi hi,

The event is super fun! Sadly it's not implemented 100% accurately.

The greenmen that will attack you while gliding for the balloon quests, they also attack you while you're on the dragon to light the lanterns. It will force the dragon to fall and nearly die.

The auto tp function for when you fail the balloon quest also affects you when you glide on the dragon, so in middle of lighting lanterns you could get tp'd back because you "failed" the "balloon quest".

It would already help if the blue balloons with lanterns would be placed further away from the balloon quest objectives.


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Can it be changed so that the Charclburner does not fall from the sky after touching the balloons it is suppose to burn.
Having to wait for it to respawn after 2 balloons is a chore. Or at least let us revive it at the nui.


The NPCs also dont tell you that on the dragon you can press S to go up which relieved a lot of frustration around the dragon quest. Regardless I am so glad to have the chance to get this outfit. Seeing the outfit we saw when we created Harani characters is exciting, and obtaining it would grant a sense of completion.


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Festival is almost over. Pay attention to the expiration timer on Lunar Festival Coins. Make sure to spend them in time!


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Festival returns
Event will last from January, 10th till January, 23rd, 2023

Event gets a number of changes:

1. Festival teleport gates moved a bit. Also added gates on the Growlgate Isle.

2. Added new quest “What are the evil spirits afraid of?” that requires you to scare the festival evil spirit with the fireworks and drive him away. Evil Spirit appears 3 times a day: at 9 am, 3 pm, and midnight. To drive him away each player will receive 200 Fireworks. If not driven away, Evil Spirit will leave in 30 minutes.

3. New title is added - “Rabbit Yuan Yuan” ("兔圆圆" in Chinese localization). Can be obtained from a starting quest “Lunar Festival Opening” that is provided by Morgan Moonface.

4. Festival rewards updated.
Lunar Festival Flag
Red Lunar Lantern
Blue Lunar Lantern
Yellow Lunar Lantern

Lantern decor_2.png
Lantern decor_1.png
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Crash Walker

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Visually the new quest “What are the evil spirits afraid of?” looks impressive, with the posturing and firework explosions.
It needs hitting with the nerf bat though.
Hitting the spirit 5000 times with the fireworks means at least 25 people being there at the spawn time.
Not many people seem interested in these events nowadays, especially if there is something else they can go to at the same time.
At yesterdays 3pm spawn there was only 3 - 4 of us, and we had the third debuff triggered once before he despawned after 30 mins.
How does the number of fireworks compare to the pieces of candy in the Candy Toss event?
Candy Toss always seemed to get finished, although it got more people.


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The amount is set to 5000 total, so more than just a few players could participate. 25 players is not a big amount based on the number of active players daily.
And if you are not getting enough players at the time of the boss spawn then:
- players not always come right at the moment of the spawn, can join like 10-15 mins later.
- if not enough are coming, you can drop quest and accept it again, this way you'll get another 200 fireworks.


The number of active daily players doesn't equate to how many of them will actually want to participate in this event. Therefore 25 players is a big amount if nobody wants to show up.
Yesterday I attended the event and I was the only one there for the first 20 minutes. A 2nd player came but the NPC would not give them the quest, so they had no fireworks to throw. A 3rd player came towards the last 10 minutes. The 2 of us could not throw enough fireworks within 30 minutes so it despawned.

The problem is that due to the fireworks cooldown, there is no way for 1-2 players to throw 5000 fireworks in 30 minutes. It is literally impossible.
Can you remove the fireworks cooldown? Otherwise getting another 200 fireworks isn't going to help at all due to the cooldown, as running out of fireworks is not the issue here.
If cooldown cannot be removed, then the 5000 fireworks required would need to be lowered to a smaller amount to reflect the number of players who are actually interested in doing this event, which so far, is not anywhere near 25 players.
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Its not only the 5000 Fireworks for that people something must do, its also the Rewards. 2 Coins for isnt rly a Reward for a Quest that takes so long, Fly with the Balloon to Spot 1 and 2 in 1min gets you 3 Coins.

The idea of this Boss is nice, but the needed Amount to Complete the Quest should be lowered. Like to 2k in total max or even less