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[Game Event] Snowfang Isle Invitation


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Snowfang Isle Invitation
(December, 12th - December, 25th, 2023)

To faster reach the event location use Worldgate: Snowfang Isle at Austera, Marianople, Diamond Shores or Growlgate Isle.
During the festival period, Miroir Tundra will be a Festival Zone.

Help people of Snowfang Isle, complete their quests and be rewarded with Snowflower Village Coins
Snowflower Village Coin.png


Handmaid will ask you to visit Village Foreman at the castle on Snowfang Isle.
Lord Sarric will ask you to collect Bamboo Stalks to feed Panda.
Child will need your help with repairing the Snowman.
Benjamin will need you to get him some Lumber.
Village Builder will ask you to plant a Snowflower Sapling he gives you near the castle wall.
Complete quest from Plushie Girl and receive Plushie Fabric that will be required for some rewards craft at the festival exchanger.
Shipwright James will need your assistance with building his boat.


And Fisherman Jax will instruct you to deliver Miroir Tundra fish packs to Food Merchant, who will reward you.


Some of the villagers will also reward you with Snowballs for your help. You can also find Snowballs in the Snow Piles near the castle.
Snowballs will be required in “Snowball Upgrade” quest and “A Special Tree” quest.

You can also obtain various buffs at Snowflower Village:
Fish Stew; Randomly increases Fishing Proficiency XP by 10k, 30k, or 50k.
Grilled Fish and Drinks; Increases Evasion Rate and Attack Speed and decreases Cast Time for 1 hour.
Quick Shot; Increases Move Speed for 30 seconds.

Cypress Tree Defense
1. Accept the quest "A Special Tree" from Forestier Avys. Avys appears every day at 9:00 am – 9:30 am; 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm; 11:00 pm – 11:30 pm.
2. Ten minutes after Avys appears, thieves will appear to destroy the cypress tree in front of the gates.


3. If you successfully protect the tree, you can claim your reward from the Cypress Tree Gift that'll appear.
Cypress Tree Gift contains the following items:
- Bound Savory Bread x3
- Bound Aromatic Soup x3
- Bound Alluvion Love x3
- Bound Stormraw Wave x3
4. If you defeat the leader of the thieves Bandit King, you'll get the Snowflower Medal
Snowflower Medal.png
. You can exchange the medal at a Snowflower Gift Exchanger on Snowfang Isle or Mirage Isle.
Snowflower Medal can be exchanged to Snowflower Village Coin or Title Box at a Snowflower Gift Exchanger.
Title Box
Title Box.png
allows you to aquire one of the following titles:
- Opportunist Token x1
- Calculated Success Token x1

Snowflower Village Coins can be exchanged at a Snowflower Gift Exchanger.


Image Item: Winter Maiden's Sarafan (Costume)
Orchidna Plushie (Furniture/Decor)
Full Kit: Winter Maiden Cottage
Bound Serendipity Stone
Santa's Gift Bed (Furniture/Decor)
Large Wall Flagpole (Furniture/Decor)
Kyprosa Plushie (Furniture/Decor)
Large Flag (Furniture/Decor)
Twinkles (Furniture/Decor)
Soup Pot (Furniture/Decor)
Long Chair (Furniture/Decor)
Frostbreath (Furniture/Decor)

Event also has multiple Hidden Achievements that will reward you with various Titles and Panda decor.

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The fishing quest only awards 10 coins for a Miroir Sunfish, but it's supposed to award 30 coins according to the tooltip.
Don't forget to spend your Snowflower Village Coins today before they expire!