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[Game Event] The Fishers Day!

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The Fishers Day!

"To Fish or not to Fish?? What a Stupid Question!!"
For the details in Chinese follow the LINK.

All the fishing lovers, don’t miss your chance to participate in our updated custom Fishers Day event every Tuesday and Saturday and receive new interesting rewards in addition to the regular rewards you are getting when you turn in the caught fish.

You no longer need to count how many fishing packs you turned in as you did it before. Now, all you need to do is pick up the quests and turn in the required fish in time. Quest will count all numbers for you.

On Tuesday and Saturday a message informing about the event start appears in the game world. Also, in Austera, Marianople, Crowlgate Isle and Diamond Shores appears a legendary Fisherman Santiago.


Fisherman Santiago will provide you with 5 quests for sport fishing (1 quest for each level). We recommend you to accept all 5 quests at the same time as in that case progress of each fish caught will be counted towards each quest progress.
Example: you accepted all the quests at the same time, turned 1 fish in, so progress in 1st quest will be 1/6, progress in the 2nd quest 1/9, 3rd quest - 1/12, etc.

Don’t forget you have 24 hours only and midnight is your last chance. The event begins at midnight and lasts for 24 hours.

Important! Player who handed over the fish gets the reward, not the one who caught it!

A new option is added to the Fish Stand - "Sell a regular sport fish". This button needs to be used to turn in the provided below fish. You'll not be able to turn in that fish by using the regular button "Sell a sport fish".

Types of the fish you can turn in for the reward:
- Gargantuan Pufferfish Pack
- Pufferfish Pack
- Small Pufferfish Pack
- Gargantuan Sturgeon Pack
- Sturgeon Pack
- Sturgeon Fry Pack
- Gargantuan Sailfish Pack
- Sailfish Pack
- Sailfish Fry Pack
- Gargantuan Blue Marlin Pack
- Blue Marlin Pack
- Blue Marlin Fry Pack
- Gargantuan Bluefin Pack
- Bluefin Pack
- Bluefin Fry


There are 5 levels of the reward. If you are active, you can receive all 5 levels rewards.
For example, you take quests and turn in 12 fishing packs. That means you reached level 3 and will receive lvl1+lvl2+lvl3 rewards.

Level 1 (6 fishing packs to be turned in):
Guild XP 6
5x Accessory Regrade Scroll

Level 2 (9 fishing packs to be turned in):
Guild XP 6
5x Moonlight Archeum Crystal
5x Starlight Archeum Crystal

Level 3 (12 fishing packs to be turned in):
Guild XP 6
5x Weapon Regrade Scroll
2x Dragon Essence Stabilizer
2000x Vocation Badges

Level 4 (15 fishing packs to be turned in):
Guild XP 6
10x Gilda Star
3x Dragon Essence Stabilizer
5x Armor Regrade Scroll
3000x Vocation Badges

Level 5 (18 fishing packs to be turned in):
Guild XP 6
15x Gilda Star
5x Dragon Essence Stabilizer
5x Starlight Archeum Crystal
5x Sunlight Archeum Crystal
3000x Vocation Badges

* Reward for each level can be received only once during the same event day!
So, if you turned in 18 fishes you receive 1 reward for each level: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.
But if you turn, for example, 12 fishes you'll receive reward for lvl 1, lvl 2 and lvl 3.
** There are time counters in the quests, they will be displayed correctly only if you accepted the quest right at midnight. These counters are designed to prevent the current quest from continuing on the next Fishers Day.

IMPORTANT! The schedule and rules of the events can be changed, as well as the rewards for them.
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