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[Game Event] The Rise of Nehliya global update mini-event


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(November, 22nd - December, 6th, 2022)

ArcheRage Embassy has appeared on the Mirage Isle. Unfortunately, most of the employees are on vacation, so only the brave Diplo remained on duty.
Every day, you can get three quests from him, and as a reward for completing them - "The Rise of Nehliya" Ticket.


To participate in the event you need to have "The Rise of Nehliya" buff that you automatically receive when open a gift we prepared for you for 7.0 update release.

"The Rise of Nehliya" Ticket can be exchanged to various rewards in the Mirage Isle Exchanger.

Bound Serendipity Stone
Radiant Hiram Infusion x10
Lesser Tempering Charm
Bound Resplendent Tempering Charm
Bound Tax Certificate x10
Solar Temper x2
Lunar Temper x2
Bound Resplendent Solar Temper
Bound Resplendent Lunar Temper
Honorable Victory Rank 5
Hiram Awakening Scroll x10
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll x10
Cloaked Hiram Guardian Weapon
Cloaked Hiram Guardian Armor
Cloaked Hiram Guardian Instrument
ArcheRage Thread
ArcheRage Book
ArcheRage Arrow
ArcheRage Cake
ArcheRage Needle​