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[Game Event] Wonderland Sky Race


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Wonderland Sky Race
(April, 9th - April, 22nd, 2024)

For the details in Chinese follow the LINK.
For the details in Portuguese follow the LINK.

To join the event visit Wonderland and use Sky Race Worldgate to reach the event location.
To participate in the event, don't forget to get Sky Race Invitation at the bottom left corner of your screen or event worker will not talk to you.

Engineer Torry will meet you there and provide you with Sky Carts for the races.


Obtain quest “Wonderland Sky Race” from Engineer Torry. Complete it to get Sky Race Coins, Sky Race Key and Sky Race Reward (one of 3 ranks).

There's two separate courses you can take, but each is disconnected at the end. Once you reach the end, boost your car and use the aerial spin skill to try and hit the bullseye in the water.

The closer you make it to the center, the better the rewards you get as a result:
- Sky Race Reward: Rank 1
A reward for those who landed a bit too far from the center.
Contains: Sky Race Coin x6
- Sky Race Reward: Rank 2
A reward for those who managed to land close to the center.
Contains: Sky Race Coin x8
- Sky Race Reward: Rank 3
A reward for those who managed to hit the bullseye.
Contains: Sky Race Coin x12

Rewards can be opened using a Sky Race Key.
You can only have 1 reward at a time.
Open your reward before reaccepting or completing the same quest, or you'll miss out on the new reward. Use it before it expires.


Sky Race Coins can be exchanged to various rewards at the Event Exchanger nearby.

List of Rewards:
• Cow Kart Model
• Yata Kart Model
• Greenman Kart Model
• Wrapped Classic Steamracer Leathers
• Scroll: Yata Kart Chroma (30 days)
• Scroll: Cow Kart Chroma (30 days)
• Scroll: Greenman Kart Chroma (30 days)
• Lemon Soda
• Orange Soda
• Grape Soda
• Bound Worker's Compensation: 1000
• Honor Potion: 1000
• Bound Lucky Elixir
• 1,000 Vocation Badge Boost
• Pirate's Token
• Merit Badge
• Bound Tax Certificate x2
• Loyalty Token
• Gilda Star
• Rollercoaster Rear Car
• Rollercoaster Front Car
• Long Straight Polkadot Tunnel Section
• Inclining Polkadot Tunnel Section
• Declining Polkadot Tunnel Section
• Straight Polkadot Tunnel Section
• Curved Polkadot Tunnel Section
• Ramp Frame
• Trapezoid Frame
• 2x4 Square Frame
• 1x2 Square Frame
• Triangular Frame
• Square Frame
• Long Straight Tracks
• Declining Tracks
• Inclining Tracks
• Curved Tracks
• Straight Tracks

Event Achievements:
(ArcheRage –> Event –> Special Events)
- “Wants to Go Fast I”: complete quest “Wonderland Sky Race” x3. Reward: Sky Race Coin x10.
- “Wants to Go Fast II”: complete quest “Wonderland Sky Race” x8. Reward: Sky Race Coin x15.
- “Wants to Go Fast III”: complete quest “Wonderland Sky Race” x13. Reward: title “Wants to Go Fast”.
- “Sky Race Reward: Rank 3”: use Sky Race Reward: Rank 3 x7. Reward: title “It's-A Me” + title icon.
- “Sky Jumper I”: use Sky Boost x100. Reward: Sky Race Coin x10.
- “Sky Jumper II”: use Sky Boost x200. Reward: Sky Race Coin x15.
- “Sky Jumper III”: use Sky Boost x400. Reward: title “Sky Jumper”.
- “Sky Racer”: complete a hidden quest “Sky Racer” x1. For it drive the track in 60 seconds. Reward: Sky Race Coin x10.

Event Hidden Titles*:
- “Sky Racer”: drive the track in 60 seconds.
- “Number One”: drive the track in 30 seconds.
- “Just an Apparition”: get 30 boosts to get buff “Boost Addiction” for 30 mins; during that time get a hidden quest from Torry.
* A tip: use the track on the right.
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Event ends to today. Make sure to spend your Sky Race Coins before they expire!