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New player help :/


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Hey all,

I am a new player to this server, around lvl 45 at the moment.

I am wondering what the best way to proceed is for levelling?
I have heard I can fish to ~52 then craft tax certs, as well as just continue to quest in higher level zones?

Also, i heard at level 52 you get some sort of pack that gives you gear?
Is this gear permanent? Do i have to use the gear to grind more gear, and if so, where do I grind?

For my class, I am a blade dancer.
is leather/nodachi the way to go for this class?

Sorry for the wall of text, any help is appreciated :)


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'cause you are lv45, ask your guildies to grind your last levels for you in aegis. Stack some exp pots and it goes pretty fast.

Below lv52 you can afk fish, craft a fishing rod, open purses/gears, and salvage gears.

Questing in higher level zones is not necessary until you get your levels done, but the race quests are definitely good to do in the end, they have good rewards. Specially the custom chapters they added are amazing: they unlock at lv52, and don't require the original quests to be finished.

As bladedancer, yes 2h is a good choice, greatsword also a good option. Dual-wield also works however. Leather is the right choice of armor.

Once you hit lv52, apply for the support pack. It is permanent divine gear, however, it cannot be upgraded further. Go to the official discord and find this channel marked below. Type !support_pack followed by your character name.


Good luck!


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For the details on how to request and receive Support Pack, what's inside and the requirements check this thread [Link]