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Support Pack for New Players!

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Dear ArcheRager!

If you are a new player don't miss your chance to participate in this event and request your Support Pack.
Information in English can be found below.
For the details in Portuguese follow the
For the details in Chinese follow the LINK.

  • Player registered on November 20th, 2018 or later.
  • Player has a character of level 52 or higher on the account.
  • Player didn’t receive Support Pack before.
Support Pack includes a special 14 days buff and 14 special packs (can open 1 every 22 hours).

List of the items you can get from the Support Pack [1]:
(some of them will be received more than once, example: temp glider, pet, powerstone, Hiram is coming from Day 1 and Day 8 boxes)
  • Cloaked Divine Radiant Hiram (T2) Weapon (4)*
  • Cloaked Divine Radiant Hiram (T2) Armor (7)*
  • Goblet of Honor (10)
  • Bound Lucky Elixir (5)
  • Snowmane Snowlion
  • Scroll: Farm Wagon
  • Fish-Find Longliner Design
  • Mysterious Hiram Infusion
  • Radiant Hiram Infusion
  • Hiram Awakening Scroll
  • Umbrella Magithopter (temp glider)
  • Cave Bat (temp auto-loot pet)
  • Midnight Owl (temp auto-loot pet)
  • Auto-loot powerstone (7 days)
  • Bound Hereafter Stone
  • Decrystallization Scroll
  • Small House Design Chest
  • Manastorm Crystal
  • Adventurer's Desert Fire
  • Adventurer's Mossy Pool
  • Adventurer's Assorted Savory Sirloin
  • Bound Tax Certificate
  • Hiram Awakening Scroll: Lv 1
  • Honorable Victory Rank 1/3/4
  • Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 1/3/4
  • Bound Labor Recharger
  • Wrapped Royal Archivist Mission: Mysterious Hiram Infusion (7 days)
  • Bound Clear Synthium Crate
  • Bound Blue Salt Manual
  • Bound Tempering Charm
  • Adventurer's Goblet of Honor
  • Luna Charm Rank 1
* Divine Radiant Hiram (T2) items from the support packs players receive also have 5 free effect change attempts on each piece of hiram.

To receive the Support Pack you need:
  1. Visit our Discord and scroll down to #service_requests channel.
    You can reach this channel directly by following the link:
    In that channel write: !support_pack IGN where IGN is your ingame character name. (For example, if I send the request, I write !support_pack Sparkle).
    It will take up to 2 minutes for your request to be processed.
  2. Make a Donation for any amount at least once on the account. After that to receive your Support Pack visit your Account Panel. Go Account Panel --> Services --> Support Pack.​
account panel.png

Support Pack can be requested only once per account. If you received it during the previous events, you can't receive it again. You’ll also not be able to change your decision and have the pack re-sent to your another character or sent again if mistakenly deleted or wrong items chosen.​
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Support Pack event is extended for NEW players.
Deadline date for new accounts to receive a support pack has been removed.
Old accounts will still be able to request a support pack (if they meet requirements) till May, 31st.​
Support Pack is temporarily unavailable.
It will become available for requesting at the 4.0 release date.
List of Support Pack items is updated. Support Pack is available again.
Can be requested by New players only!
Support Pack is updated
(update will be applied after maintenance on 2/1)
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