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Patch 7.0 Gifts!


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Dear ArcheRagers!

Welcome to ArcheRage 7.0! For this global update release we prepared little gifts for each of you.

!!!Gifts become available only after 7.0 release!!!

Gift can be received only once per account, so be careful in your choice of the character. Gift will not be possible to exchange or forward to another character on the account after you make a choice.

To receive your gift visit your Account Panel → go Services → choose an Gift button → choose a character from the list and press a confirmation button*.
*Gifts are available through the Account Panel only for the accounts that by 11/22/2022 server maintenance have at least 1 character of level 1.
Otherwise, if your account was created after - contact Sparkle, as you'll not be able to get it automatically through the Account Panel.

Rise of Nehliya Giftpack contains:
Merit Badge 50
Balloon Pack 1
Manastorm Crystal 50
Login Badge 1
"The Rise of Nehliya" Ticket 10
Bound Shattered Chasm Weapon Chest 1
Loyalty Token 50-Pack 1
Festival Labor Boost 5
Fireworks Crate 1
Special Scrolls 10
Magic ArcheRage Flag 1
Daily Gift 1
Hiram Gladiator's Supplies 1
Auto-Loot Powerstone Box 1
Phoenix Tears Tincture 10
Risopoda Housepet 1
Mirror of Wonders 1
Lamp of Infinity 1
Title Token: ** \(^□^)/ ** 1
Siegeram Taurus Bundle 1
Tapioca 10
Ancient Battlepet 1
Live Figurine 2
Housing Decor 1
Chimera Uniform 1

"The Rise of Nehliya" Ticket - can be exchanged to various rewards in the Mirage Isle Exchanger.
Bound Shattered Chasm Weapon Chest - allows you to choose 3 Shattered Chasm Weapon pieces.
Daily Gift – 7 boxes with various items that can be opened once a day.
Hiram Gladiator's Supplies – provides a set of Hiram scrolls, infusions, weapon and armor.
Auto-Loot Powerstone Box – provides auto-loot stone for Powerstone or Battle Pet for 7 days.
Risopoda Housepet - decor housepet.
Mirror of Wonders - beautiful mirror that also provides a portal to Wonderland.
Lamp of Infinity - decor.
Tapioca – custom buff; player receives 10 scrolls (random type, 4 types available): Red Tapioca, Blue Tapioca, Green Tapioca, Black Tapioca.
Ancient Battlepet - provides one of the following pets: Grathax, Akanun, Rainbow Ostrich, Arak, Ember Nymph, Ale Sprite.
Live Figurine – provides 2 random custom decor item from the list: Blademage Live Figurine, Abyssal Revenant Live Figurine, Shadow Warden Live Figurine, Light Warden Live Figurine.
Housing Decor - provides 1 random piece of funny decor from the list: Shelfwatcher Housepet, Ipnysh Relic. If you get Ipnysh Relic, try its skill ;)



Last day to request a gift – December, 13th