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Pingzapper help


Can someone who uses pingzapper help me out? im trying to figure out which file do i choose as the executable and which one i choose as a launcher

up there you can see i can select two files

and down there are my options of files
I'd be glad if i can get some help on this, i've already trie puting the game_pak as the main game file btw, didn't work.


Well, i have alot of experience with high ping, ping is basically the time response between my acess point and the server, if you know your internet speed and the distance between you and the server you can calculate it by having a previous measure point, i just figured i had 140 ping on official forums, and archerage forums are 25% farther away, so i assumed my ping was hovering arround 180~200



As you can see in my first picture, you have two files to be selected, a launcher file and a game file

My launcher file is right in the picture, but my game file is wrong

theres a archeage game file inside the " bin32" file

Thats the file you use as your game file


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Normally i did all settings well but i have a problem... the launcher stay blocked on
"Checking for Updates"
Can you help me please ?

Thank you


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I have the same issue. I all ready tried, turnig off my windows defender. If i start the game without pingzapper it will not check for updates and i can play.



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Pingzapper is either blocking or not routing to the update server then.
That is an issue with pingzapper